View Full Version : RGruppe/Early911S Registry get together June 7 9:00AM at EASY

Jim Breazeale
06-03-2014, 09:16 AM
Guys and gals

We will have our regular coffee and donutfest beginning at 9:00AM. There is an option to visit Jim Barrington's private collection of Porsches, racecars, motorcycles, military vehicles, Hudsons, muscle cars, projects and much more. It is in the vicinity of East Oakland. There is secure parking for about 16 cars at a time. For those wanting to go there (it is about 15 minutes from here), I will provide directions and the secret handshake. Jim's place is always evolving and very much worth the time to visit.


PS: How 'bout that cool bag of coffee? They will be available on Saturday morning and quantities are extremely limited due to freshness. If we run out, we can make more, though.