View Full Version : Analyze This: Fuel Line Puncture (Help!!)

05-16-2002, 07:36 AM
A while back I removed the driver seat in my 72S and one of the mouting bolts sheared off. The bolt was near the center tunnel. To make matters worse, I went to drill out the bolt and accidentially punctured the steel fuel line which runs through the center of the vehicle. I cursed for about 2-weeks.

Sitting in the vehicle, the hole in the fuel line is located to the left and up 3.5 inches of where parking break sits. The hole is difficult to see even after I removed the gear shifter and the parking break assembly.

What are my options for repair. Can this line simply be replaced, as it appears to be welded in place. Can the line be patched? If so, how, given that it is very difficult to get to the hole. Can another line be inserted? Any help would be most appreciated

PS: Yeah, I know, I'm a schmuck for letting this happen. ##@!!

Roland Kunz
05-23-2002, 11:46 PM

If you drilled out the factory seat rail bolts then you first have to drill trough the main power cable from the starter to hit a fuelline under that.

Fuellines are not welded to the tunnel and replaceable from the frontend.

Tough work indeed ( Needle Nose fingers help ). You have to drop the front axle partially and stripe the parts on the tunnel to get acces to the sheet metall clamps holding the line.

Also having out the trany helps too.

A simple fix is geting a rubberhose wich fits and then bend the fueline inward to cut it with a small piperoller. Then slip the rubberhose over clamp it and rebend the pipe to the old position.

MFI fuelpump makes some 1bar but make sure it will last for higher pressures.