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02-02-2002, 04:34 PM
I own a 1970 911 S. Last year, 3,000 miles ago, the trans. was making a grinding sound coming out of first. I took it to a local reputable mechanic. He stated the intermediate
bearings were worn and needed replacement. I had him do this as well as replace the sychros and anything else. The car ran fine. Last month, I noticed the grinding came back. I went back to the same mechanic for the problem. I saw for myself the teardown. He showed me the bearings, still looking brand new. He said my problem was the intermediate bearing plate was bad. It needed to be replaced, he found a used one. He also showed me the fifth gear. It had groves worn on it. My question is: Do the plates go out in 3,000 miles. Or should he have noticed the plate and fifth gear were bad during the initial rebuild? I say I should be charged for the parts only. Comments.

02-02-2002, 10:50 PM
What is the warranty on the rebuild? What did your tech offer to do? The intermediate plate didn't wear out in 3000 miles; it just took 3000 miles longer to wear out to the point where it started making noise. From what you describe, I think it's fair if you pay for parts, he pays for labor. Maybe he should have covered this eventuality when he first opened it up. Intermediate plates are known to do this.

However, if you told him specifically what to replace (and what not to), then he has a basis to expect some other payment arrangement. If you're a good customer and if I were him, I'd tend to lean in your direction.

Sherwood Lee
Early 911S Registry