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06-29-2001, 06:32 AM
my 71 911s targa is missing its license lights (which i can get) but the wiring is also gone. both sides of the trunk are grounded to body but i cant find the + wire for the lights. any hints on where to look or how to re-wire them?

07-02-2001, 02:11 PM
Did a little cleaning on my '72 yesterday, looked at the license plate lights. Looks to me like they both share a common ground and positive, on the left side of the engine compartment. Also looks like it was a special wiring harness for the lights...wires bundled together inside a larger plastic wrap. It's a loose wrap, like a black plastic tube. The bundle runs under the lid lip in back, under the lid lip on the left, through a hole in the left lip, then is clipped down the lower flat of the left lid hinge. 3 (aluminum? Steel? not painted) clips. from there the bundle leads to the lid strut/shoch where it is tied to the shock with a black zip-lock. Then two wires emerge from the bundle...a gray (I'm partially color blind, hope this is correct) wire plugs in with the male/female connection, and the brown plugs in to a ground clip on the side wall of the engine compartment. Should be a pretty simple matter to unplug the entire assembly from a wrecked car, if you could find one...I'd ask for the clips as well, imagine they'd be hard to find. The zip lock would be easy to replicate...it's just one of the flat black plastic ones...available at any NAPA probably. Hope this desciption is of some help. Paul

07-02-2001, 02:23 PM
Forgot...the positive (gray?) wire plugs in to a wire that emerges from a bundle of wires coning into the engine compartment...easiest way to identify is that another wire in this bundle leads to the sensor atop your MFI filter housing..

Roland Kunz
07-07-2001, 06:28 AM

4 years ago I bought a new wireloom for 20 $. Porsche delivered it over night from the Tamm warehouse.

I also made them from raw but if your labour is worth 50$/h the new part runs more cost effective.

The color codes are grey ( Bascode from 58 but "K" on the lightswitch ) and brown (31). The connectors are 6,3mm spade female 90° ankled and rubber covered on the lights. The other end has a rubber sleeved 6,3mm male ( ? 75% sure in my memory ) straigt connector and a blank M8 closed ring connector ( For the masspoint ). There is one rubber sleve in the hole and the wire has two crimp clips on the bow from the hinge. The rest wire lays inside the inner sheetmetall.

Some early wirelooms integratet the wiper and/or the engine bay light.

Some MY have a seperate grey wire for the engine bay light fused with the left backlight while the Kennzeichenleuchte has a own fuse. It is the secound from the bootom ( No 7 )

Gray is for the licence lights or the engine bay light ( look for the circuit ) and gray white for the cold start valve.

Just check out the electric shematas at pelican.


07-07-2001, 07:53 AM
Roland...just wish to say thank you for your expertise! And welcome to the board. Your explanation was much better than my amateur attempt at at description. :)

Roland Kunz
07-08-2001, 05:39 AM

Thanks my problem is to find the english terms and make it "visible"

>The other end has a rubber sleeved 6,3mm male ( ? 75% sure in my memory )

Just want to mention the background of this sentence as, it may sound unclear:

Like I pointet out some MY have two gray wires coming out and also to avoid the missconnection with the gray/white wire the connectors are coded by femal and male spades. So you will find the correct wire by just looking at the color and if the connectors fit. So the connector on the end of the wireloom is important. I think it is male but check out to make it sure.
( Sorry for my limitet brain storage capacity but if you work on the car you see it all )

You also can find the 90° ankled spade connectors type on the thermal switch for the cold start valve ( one is 6,3 ( Yellow ) the other 4,8mm ( red / black or sometimes red / white )


07-08-2001, 08:43 AM
Roland, your english is better than my German. I speak/write no German. And to those interested, looking at my '72S, Roland's memory is 100% spot on! THe wires are exactly as he describes them. Again Roland, welcome to the board...and thanks for showing up. Your expertise is most welcome. :)