View Full Version : VERY DODGY WIRING!

01-30-2001, 03:04 PM
I have a problem on my 69S whereby the engine will not switch off with the key unless I engage the parking brake!
This is not as much of a problem as it may sound, but I wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction with the wiring as to where to start looking for the short. Other than this the cars electrics are fine( unless you count non-heated rear screen, clock runs fast and cigar lighter u/s!!)
Any help much appreciated


02-06-2001, 04:37 PM
Man, I don't have a clue. But, as my dear departed friend, a 356 phreak and skilled mechanic once told me: "electrical problems are caused by either bad connections, or a short." Suggest first checking all connections, eliminate corrosion. Then...well, do you have a workshop manual with a wiring diagram? Gawd, how I HATE electrical problems! I know, not much help..just sympathy. Honestly tho, often just cleaning every connection I could find has often helped me. You see, I live in a moist climate, average annual rainfall about four feet a year.

02-11-2001, 06:35 AM
To pwd72s

Thanks for the sympathy and advice.The car's coming apart soon for restoration, so I'll clean all the contacts when reassembling. I do have a wiring diagram so I'll study that too.
The problem has been there for years. I have been lazy about fixing it!