View Full Version : WTB-69-73 911 Pipe Dream

02-06-2011, 04:00 PM
I am looking for my next project. My intention is to build a hi-po sleeper for my daily driver. A running LWB long hood driver, with no rust (right!), that I can drive, while I modify it, would be ideal.

However, that being said.....Numbers matching...does not matter.....Also, It is more important to me that the body and paint are straight than the mechanicals. I hate bodywork and I like to rebuild engines and trannys...so the engine can in any condition from running to MIA......I plan on installing a 3.2 or??? anyway.
Tired suspension ok...it will be redone/modded anyway...etc.

I'm budgeting $20K max for this portion of the project (baseline project car). IF any of you have a nice straight T/E, with the associated "patina" or a project car, where you have done all of the hard stuff already (bodywork, paint, etc) and have run out of time, money, enthusiasm, etc.....show me what you got. Stock or lightly modified are ok.

Please email me with the details...price, pix, location, etc



PS: I have looked at several 69-73's T's and E's already......typically in ok shape, running great and priced ok........if they just weren't repainted.......so very badly. I've been tempted by them, but don't want to play with the paint/bodywork.

PS: if you have anything else that is cool and available....email it to me...you never know