View Full Version : Stop those Valve Cover leaks!

06-08-2011, 07:36 PM
So I finally got fed up with the oil dripping down onto my new SSI heat exchangers on my 1969 911S and did the following:

1. Sent all four (4) Valve Covers off to Henry at Supertec Performance in Fallbrook, Ca.
Had him resurface them and ship back. ($36 for the machine work + $11 return ship- ping). I think it cost me $17 to have them shipped to Supertec.

2. Ordered the newest Silicon Valve Cover Gaskets from Pelican Parts.

3. Ordered new Washers and Nylock Nuts from Pelican Parts.

4. Carefully cleaned all mating surfaces with Rubbing Alcohol. Both Cam Towers and
Valve Covers.

5. Borrowed a Torque Wrench from Work that measured in "Inch/Pounds."
(NOT foot/Pounds.)

6. Carefully installed new gaskets, valve covers, and new washers/nylock nuts.

7. Followed installation instructions i.e. Torque pattern, torque, etc.

8. No leaks so far!!!


06-08-2011, 08:22 PM
Good show. Update us if that fixes the leaking. I've got the same problem and would love to stop it.


06-09-2011, 07:39 AM
Are the lower valve covers the upgraded turbo version?

I still have the original covers and want to tackle it this summer while I adjust the valves.

06-09-2011, 06:13 PM
Yes, I have the up-graded Turbo Valve covers on the lowers. The uppers look to be original.
I think the uppers were leaking and the oil was dropping/flowing down from there.
The resurfacing machine work has returned them to a perfectly flat surface.
Had the lowers done just to be sure...