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Thread: correct horns 1965 911

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    correct horns 1965 911

    who has got pictures and/or bosch id numbers of the correct 1965 horns (2-tone) for me?
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    I hope you'll forgive me if I don't remove the horns from my car for photography. The data plates on them aren't very readable, either.

    But, I can point out that there were two different sets of horns in 1965:

    901.635.102.00 HORN LOW-PITCHED- BOSCH 390 HZ -ONLY BY SETS WITH 901.635.112.00
    901.635.112.00 HORN HIGH-PITCHED- BOSCH 520 HZ -F >> 030 1224

    901.635.102.01 HORN LOW -PITCHED- BOSCH 290 HZ -ONLY BY SETS WITH 901.635.112.01
    901.635.112.01 HORN HIGH-PITCHED- BOSCH 345 HZ -F 030 1225 >> 030 5100

    The horns in my car don't look dramatically different from these reproductions at Sierra Madre Collection. But, those reproductions do NOT have the correct frequencies for either early or late 65-66 Porsche 911s.
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    Well it is an old thread which doesn't really answer the question and searching doesn't seem to find any other reference. There is some relevant info in the link in post 3.

    The info provided in PET which is mentioned above is not very helpful aside from providing the tone and has no reference to anything you will actually find on the horn.

    There is a great resource on at
    If you do an initial search it will tell you that we should have:
    0 321 023 002
    0 321 023 003
    I'm not sure these even exist as I've struggled to find an image with 0 321 type anywhere.
    If you however dig deep into the site you discover that they superseded numbers several times over the years so horns with the correct tone could have several part numbers - the only thing being different may be the screw on plate with the number on it. It is possible to follow the trail forward or back to cross reference the changes.

    I had one horn still on 301022.
    It had the number:
    HO/FSA/12/27 ( The original Bosch numbering from 356 era horns/parts) The date code 409 - 9th month of 64 so viable to be original to the car.
    This superseded by 0 320 202 020 and then by 0 320 213 01. They are all 520hz.

    I was then able to identify that its mate should be:
    This superseded by 0 320 213 005 and then 0 320 202 007 and then 0 320 213 010. They are all 390hz. This tone also used on VW
    Date code 502 - Feb 65:
    Note on the back casing the only stamping - HO A 1509? Generic on this era:
    For reference from 1972 - can have chrome or black grill at a glance the same:
    Note however the stampings on the back (still better than repro):

    FWIW the pressings are the same - with a some effort you can swap coils from 1972 to 1964 ( buy a cheap NOS 24v version and fit your internals). For those that it matters there is a change in the screw heads from 65 to 72 - the later ones being more rounded.
    (I'm restoring the original and transferring NOS correct tone internals into a matching donor early housing)
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    Very informative post. Huge THANK YOU.
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