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Thread: MY 1970 911E Restoration Project

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    Lookin good Tom.

    What's the consensus on over-restored trunks?
    Survey as to whether owners want crappy looking, half-sprayed, glue-everywhere original or pretty like Tom's?
    Warning! If I crap on you itís not on purpose.

    I often buy parts I think I need but find out I already own.

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    I will take the restored correct dark grey ....
    Tom this car is excellent congrats on the patience and efforts to make great!!

    I did have a question on the camber and toe-in attachments.
    Can’t remember which one but only one of them has the washer per Parts manual .
    Is this correct ? Also do the bolt heads for attaching radius arms face inward or outward or one each way?

    Cool project
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    Frank and Frank..Thanks for your comments on my project.

    Frank T....Regarding your question on the rear spring plate/trailing arm hardware, my reading of the parts diagram and observation of other cars, led me to use the arrangement shown in this photo. As best I know the thick washers and thin nuts are unique to this application. Also the lock washers behind the nuts are the schnoor type.
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    Tom Butler
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    Hi Tom , I've obsessed about this and have studied many original cars , the eccentric for the rear toe adjustment does not have a thick flat washer , only a schnor washer . Also the lower bolt at the back of the spring plate should be reversed - nut facing to the outside of the car and the bolts get two thick washers , one at the bolt head , one at the nut .
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    Thanks for that info. I will look into that and change out that hardware.
    Tom Butler
    1973 RSR Clone
    1970 911E Restoration in Progress

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    Like this?? These are photos from my '73 before restoration. Should be original.
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    Tom Butler
    1973 RSR Clone
    1970 911E Restoration in Progress

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    That is correct.

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    Thanks guys!
    Tom Butler
    1973 RSR Clone
    1970 911E Restoration in Progress

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