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Thread: 911S Resurrection Not Restoration

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    911S Resurrection Not Restoration

    Hi, my name is Baudett and step to present my "hobbie" .

    delivery 01-01-1972 to the Porsche Hahn Center, Fellbach in Germany
    Attachment 3777167070740005_91275ab22f_o.jpg7070753101_7666c400a0_o.jpgIMG_20190406_175101.jpgIMG_20190407_212430.jpgIMG_20190409_213627.jpg

    VIN = 9112300576
    Eng# = 6320900
    Trans# = 324597

    THE VIN 911 230 0576 corresponds to a model 911 S Coupe

    Engine type S-E (911/53), 2,4 l 190 hp Engine # 6320900

    Gearbox type 915/02, 5 gears Gearbox number 324597

    Date of delivery 01-01-1972 is normal date? to the Porsche Hahn Center, Fellbach in Germany, with the following equipment:
    Two S / T related to this dealer
    Color light yellow, code 6262

    Interior black leather

    Available Options:
    Differential locking code 220
    Koni shock absorbers, code 402
    Fuel tank of 85 l, code 424
    Left side antenna.
    Front speakers, code 440
    Tinted glass, code 568
    Sunroof, code 650
    Power windows, code 651.



    Directeur Général

    Porsche France SA

    De :
    Envoyé : ‎09/‎02/‎2016 14:41

    Bonjour M.

    Modèle 911 S Coupé
    Pays de livraison Allemagne
    Date de livraison
    Type moteur 911/53 – 2341 cm3 – 190 cv/140 kw/6500 trm– 6 cylindres
    Numéro moteur 6320900
    Type BV 915/02 – 5 vitesses
    Numéro BV 7324597
    Couleur Jaune clair – rèf. 117
    Intérieur Similicuir noir – tissu côtelé
    220 – Différentiel
    402 - Amortisseurs AV/AR Koni et étriers de freins AV « S »
    424 – Réservoir 90 L ??
    440 – Antenne manuelle et haut-parleurs
    568 – Vitres teintées avec pare-brise AR chauffant en deux parties
    569 – Amortisseurs de pare-chocs AR ((?? or Package M429 Fog Light and M571 rear fog light ))
    650 – Toit coulissant électrique
    651 – Vitres électriques

    Attachment 425088Attachment 425086Attachment 425093

    +We have been able to confirm by means of acquaintances of previous owners of the vehicle that I enter with this preparation in year 73 in the islands. In white with flares and headlights on.
    We have been able to confirm by means of a previous owner that the car entered with an appearance similar to this, I do not know where the fog lights would have been but he told me "two headlights more ahead in the bonnet"


    (Porschista by accident)

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    Thumbs up

    Welcome to the board Baudet....

    Hoping there will be more progress pics of your '72 soon.... 'buena suerte' and 'bonne chance' ....

    Chuck Miller
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    nice hood.

    Max_911S_fahrer, on Flickr
    1971 911S, 2.7RS spec MFI engine, suspension mods, lightened
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    Towel bar, sunroof, electric Windows, rear wiper. High spec. Wonder what else
    She got brandy new?��

    Somebody did ST flaring before ST clones were
    In vogue. Couple that with evidence of dual out mufflers,,,

    Intriguing history I bet. Welcome B!
    I am a speculating fool. The emperor said so.

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    +Works 2 days

    in the top tray we found Oxides important , our idea would have been left as orginal possible car leaving this , recovering , but after a rating I think it would be best to cut and weld a new one, we found some that are around 300e in some pages . It's okay ?
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    The flares are made of metal , as far as we know the car is so since it was brought from Germany in '72 .
    We continue to seek the history of this car. We have tried to see the originality of its construction through its welding bonnet, headlights , fenders, etc ... looking for differences between welds but we have not found anything. I'll upload some screenshots
    *Thanks all
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    The first video in 20 years

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Miller View Post
    Welcome to the board Baudet....

    Hoping there will be more progress pics of your '72 soon.... 'buena suerte' and 'bonne chance' ....

    I think that luck is for those who do not know !! Thanks for the welcome , I will put the community up to date with more images . Say I'm not restorer, I have not touched a soldering iron in my life.
    This is liking me , see how you get the jewel that carries within a couple of tools . Does anyone have any " briconsejo " for the treatment of rust ? I'm scraping to leave alive sheet and then add EMERITE OXIDE CONVERTER

    **7/10/18I love rereading the "diary" and see how things are changing xd ... Hemerrite xd xddd xdddddd xddddddddddddddddddd
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    A 72 LY car with ST flairs.....Did they ever use another color? Maybe another missing Toad car?...
    Where is Gib when you need him?

    Good project....Keep up with the photos....And welcome....
    Your English is much better than my French. All I ever learned was "pourquoi" .....It has helped before


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    Nick showed us this car 7 years ago: and it was on Pelican 2 years before that.
    Carl Bauer - OBP
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