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Thread: COA options question 1972 911E

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    COA options question 1972 911E

    I have a 72 911e coupe and have the certificate of authenticity from Porsche.
    Under optional equipment it states ďtrim strips on rimsĒ
    What on earth would that be?

    It was a European delivery car and still has its Km speedometer. It came over to the USA in the early 1980ís with a 1968 911S carbureted engine and a 1970 911S transmission. Itís unknown how it ended up with this engine and transmission.
    Itís been in the hands of 1 owner since arriving in the states until I bought it last year.
    Needs to be fully restored but not rusty and the engine runs well.

    If anyone has info on that option or the history of this 911 please let me know.


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    i bet that is the wheel arch trim.

    air cooled only

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    There are many threads available about this, but your confusion is most likely due to a translation error. It might be referring to some sort of hubcap (which seems unlikely) but it probably should read 'Trim Strips on Fenders'.
    Apparently, this kind of thing happens quite often.
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    Wheel arch trim
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    Interesting combo for someone to order, factory ducktail and wheel arch trim.
    It would be a real attention grabber in signal yellow paint.

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    Quote Originally Posted by srogebry View Post
    Interesting combo for someone to order, factory ducktail and wheel arch trim.
    It would be a real attention grabber in signal yellow paint.
    maybe... But I hope you did not pay for that "COA" as apart from not having the critical engine and transmission numbers and the miss-reporting of the wheel arch trim (option M426), there was no such thing as an option of a ducktail even in 1973 for a non RS car let alone 1972 model year which this car is as it is before they were even invented
    I would ask the Porsche center you got that from to provide a list of actual option numbers ( M numbers) and post them here so people on the board (who know more about these things than the person putting that "COA" together obviously does) to translate them for you.
    I presume under the new rules that Porsche operates under for COA's and similar information as you dont know the engine and transmission numbers they will not provide them which is a pity in this case. However in case it is of any interest IF it was originally a manual car the engine number would have been around 6220861 (the engine in 0527) or if it was a sporto it would have been around 6229124 (the engine in 0555)
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    Rear spoiler is wrong translation by COA. That is for front spoiler.
    Been discussed in another thread, they repeat this fault over and over !

    Here are the 72 options.

    426 is “Chrome strip around Fender Cutouts”
    All 911

    473 is “Spoiler“
    911 T and E
    (911S had it standard)

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    Email received from Porsche this morning:

    "Thank you for your email. I apologize for any inconvenience. I have reviewed your comments and made notes below.

    The optional codes for your vehicle include: 400, 419, 470, 102, 404, 426, & 473. We are provided the code descriptions from Germany as approved descriptions of each code which is why option 400 is written 'Light Metal Wheel - 6J X 15, Tires - 185/70 VR 15'

    The option 426 is confirmed as 'Trim Strips on Rims' also referred to as 'High Gloss Wheel Arch Trim'.

    The option 473 should read 'Front Spoiler'.

    We will send you an updated COA to reflect the 'Front Spoiler' change.

    Kindest Regards,

    Porsche Specialist, Porsche Contact Center
    Porsche Cars North America, Inc.
    One Porsche Drive
    Atlanta, GA 30354-9817

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    Quote Originally Posted by 911T1971 View Post
    (...) they repeat this fault over and over !
    I don't get how a advanced company like Porsche, that sell CoAs as a profitable undertaking can, even in 2018, still not get it right.
    It's not rocket science!
    if the request is for a 1972 car, get the options list for that year. I mean, these things aren't cheap, and these mistakes are happening now for over 10 years, so lift your game Porsche, or get another company to do it properly!

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    Sounds like a very nice car.

    In the past, I found it was possible to find folks on this board who would provide the option data you have above but also the delivering dealer code via another path to the factory data. This was helpful to me for my car which I also have little history on. Each piece is helpful.

    Is the rear window tinted per the COA or is that another error in description? Maybe meaning two stage heated rear window.

    Not sure if you have seen the 911e site before; it has a list of cars/current owners thought no listing for 9112200528; its brother/sister car is listed (527) as Hugh noted the engine number (above).
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