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Thread: Sport bumper holes, plug or not ?

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    Sport bumper holes, plug or not ?

    Bumper experts,

    I'm getting this sport bumper painted to match the car. I've seen repros and most are clean and completely free of holes. This one is the real deal - metal, and as you can see (and probably know) it's got holes (blue) which I assumed were for the overriders but I really don't know. I want to go bumperette-free for looks - I've seen some original cars with a plug in there so I thought this was a stock hole... My questions are 1) is that plug findable / is that hole legit ? 2) what's the small hole below (green, one on each side) ? not stock? Should I get that filled ? 3) if I start filling, I might get the center holes plugged too (I assume for license plate) and pay the fix-it ticket, so in for a penny, would you fill everything ( blue + green + center) or is it bad form to plug a real sports bumper's overrider holes (if that is what they are, the blue ones) ? I like to keep things stock, it's not much more $ to fill it all but I'd rather keep it as it should be...

    While we're at it, I've never transplanted a bumper before, is there stuff I should be buying to swap ? I have a new rubber trim and I plan on reusing the metal base from this one (I'd like to reuse the rubber trim but I imagine it's dented by the bumperettes). Thanks !!
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    If that is a steel sport bumper, either use it with the holes and bumperettes as-is, or get a CF or Fiberglass one. Can't imagine why you would want the extra weight if originality was not a concern.
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    One persons opinion: I would fill (with Steel) any holes in the bumper that were NOT drilled at the factory. I would buy body plugs to fill the holes from the bumperettes.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dmill View Post
    One persons opinion: I would fill (with Steel) any holes in the bumper that were NOT drilled at the factory. I would buy body plugs to fill the holes from the bumperettes.
    That's exactly my question: which ones are factory, which ones aren't ? I'm pretty sure the license plate holes are not factory, but the bleu and green arrow ones ? No clue.... I've never had a real sports bumper before..

    To answer the previous post: It's not much heavier than the non sports bumper I have now, and weight up front doesn't bother me too much. I had a replica on another early 911 before and I remember it did not bolt on as well... Thanks guy, keep'em coming, I'm not sure about those holes !
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    To answer your question , I've seen numerous cars with factory delete front bumper guards listed on the COA . The bumpers had holes with opaque plastic plugs , like the hole at the blue arrow in your picture . I think the hole at the green arrow should be patched along with the license plate mounting holes .

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    Weld all the holes and grind smooth. IMO looks good for a hotrod

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    If you get a ticket for no front plate, I think that is a mechanical infraction and you have to drive to a CHP office so the officer can see if you have a front plate right? Chris
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    Greg, comparing to my original S front spoiler: the blue arrowed hole is a factory hole for fitment of driving lights. Original to my 911 and fitted with rubber plugs. The larger hole above it is for bumper guard attachment bolt. The green arrowed holes are non-factory. image.jpg apologies for photo taken in poor light.
    Based on your comments, I'd put a plug in each of the factory drilled driving light holes; leave the bumper guard holes in case you decide to refit bumper guards in the future (they are also factory drilled holes) and I assume you are fitting the rubber deco strip so that will cover the holes; fill the non-factory green arrowed holes.
    If you are not going to use the license plate holes to mount your plates, fill them too.
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    The bottom hole is for the bottom bumper guard bolt.
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    [QUOTE=911kiwi; I assume you are fitting the rubber deco strip so that will cover the holes;

    Quote Originally Posted by edmayo View Post
    The bottom hole is for the bottom bumper guard bolt.
    A bit confusing.
    The 2 larger holes are for the Bumperette 13mm Allen, Torx, Ribe Key ?? attachment bolts.
    Only the "upper" bolt is or can be covered by the rubber trim strip. The lower of these bumperette bolt holes can be filled with a "bung" (prior to painting to colour match.
    I am uncertain if the small (green arrow) hole if factory ( I suspect NOT) but this could also filled with a bung and painted.

    Just one solution to maintain and keep all options open


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