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Thread: you're 17...were u driving dad's car? a pic of the model

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    64 Old Cutlass. Summer 1970, Dad was out of town for the weekend so I disconnected the speedo cable, picked up a bunch of friends and drove to Indiana and back to NY. No I dont have any children.
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    No Crap

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    The first car I drove at 17 was my dad's Morris Minor Traveller:


    Which was somewhat embarrassing... but my first car, also at 17, was a bright yellow TR3A with red leather... in a terrible state... but it was mine... until something blew and it became a permanent fixture on my parent's drive for a few years...


    Neither of these pictures is mine...
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    Quote Originally Posted by 70tangerine View Post
    geeeez!...too cool too cool.
    Thanks... too many stories to tell, most of them self-incriminating.

    I can say that the ride and noise were horrible on the freeway. Around town and off road, it was a blast!
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    Talked my parents into the 1969 GTO because it braked, handled and accelerated well. (notice the ranking of priorities).

    Very nice of them to drive 2 cars so I could be "cool" at graduation.

    Jeff Proctor Graduation GTO June 1970.jpg

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    Cool thread!! ibmiked, love the 2002!!!

    In 1977, I was 15 and had a license. I drove my Dad's '77 Bronco, and still have it. Matter of fact I have three small Broncos now with another in the works. I am not a hoarder... A collector is a better term.
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    The year was 1971 and I put my first car on the road a black on black 1970 Plymouth Barracuda.

    1970 Barracuda.jpg
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    I bought my almost-worn out 1965 Mustang at age 16:

    My high school friend took this picture but has sadly passed away. This car was a 3-speed on the floor with a V-8 4-barrel.

    I later raced a 1965 Mustang to a HSR Championship in 2010:

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    not because I started it


    I knew yall would have some wonderful car's

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    Quote Originally Posted by 70tangerine View Post
    sorry, just HAD to incl this too......

    dad finds it used....1 owner...440 magnum....leather buckets!.....console shift.......burgundy...........Im driving it the 1 st week he owned it...on Belt Pkwy in Bklyn NY...doing like 90..shes a beast..I crest a rolling hill and on other side a car is on its effing roof....its roof?....I had to side swipe another car to avoid plowing into it.......pops trashed it..... we werent all......he saved every dad was great...tuff but strong and loving.....he gave me a looooong talk.......i was good from then on
    My good friend’s dad had a similar car also with the 440. Mikey, the son, used to pile us in the car and head down 280 in Cali and let us watch the gas gauge move towards “E” as he passed through 90 mph. You could actually see the gas gauge needle move. 😯
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    I drove the family 57 Ford Station Wagon. It was our only car. It is best not to post a picture as it would probably offend a number of people.



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