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Thread: 1973 interior color problem

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    1973 interior color problem

    Hi everyone,
    I am from France, so please excuse my english. I am new here and after dreaming about it many years, I just bought a wonderful 1973 2.4E targa. It is blue (original color olive), has matching engine, and plenty of native options (400,402,404, 425,470,490,566,568). It is actually on a boat and should be in France in a few weeks.


    My problem is with the color interior. I tried to find my answer on internet or to find an original Colour Chart, but it seams impossible.

    From the certificate I ordered to Porsche, it's initial interior color was Brown leatherette basketweave (reference 21). But It actually has two different colors. One that matches dashboard and front seats. And the other one the matches door panels and backseats.


    From your experience, which one is the good (and what would be the other)?

    Also, do my carpet color match the good or the bad color (or maybe both)?

    Thanks for your help


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    Hi Romain
    Congratulations on your purchase, I have a 73e targa as well. Looks like your interior has been retrimmed during its lifetime, the correct shade of brown is what’s on your dashboard.

    Peter D

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    Thanks Peter. And do you think the carpets match this colour or are they not the good ones?

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    Congrats Romain.
    Nice car.
    The carpet seems too light. The Leatherette at the low A Pillar looks to been replaced while they changed the carpet.



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    The large format 72-3 brochure and the simpler folded version has some interior shots that might be of interest

    Discussed here including some sample pages from Karim

    Enjoy your new purchase


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    Thanks for your help Dirk and HtH. I am going to look at this!

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    Hi Romain

    This is the corrrct brown vinyl.
    Peter D

    1968 T Coupe RHD
    1973 E Targa RHD
    1972 E Coupe (sold)
    1974 BMW 3.0cs (sold)

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    it is hard to tell from the photos what is what. (but right now, your interior looks mismatched)
    (it looks the the photos from beverly hills)
    it also looks like your headrest were resewn or recovered. just my guess.

    i have a beige interior car 1971 (with carpet similar to yours)...and my brother has a 73.5 with brown interior (100%original)

    brother's vinyl brown is not that dark, but surely brown, it is medium dark. and his carpet was darker brown.
    My brother would rather have the dark brown interior...and we have seen that in other 1973 cars. and it is very nice.

    for now, i think your carpet is could be correct for an olive car. But is is too hard to tell from the photos if the carpet in your car is what we call a "domestic" weave, meaning it is USA carpet. when you get your car. take more photos, and we can then, I can get some photos of my brothers interior.

    by the way, olive is a great color, and not common at all in the USA.
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    Here is the dark brown, which I have seen in a 1973, and very nice. Not very common.

    Below is interior, exactly like my brother's 1973
    (In real life, is darker than the photos) and is brown, not yellow. Some might think it is a dark tan.
    63 cab super, Silver, blue leather
    71 911T, Olive, beige interior
    74 914 2.0, Black, black interior

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    Yes, you're right Scott, i bought it at Beverly Hills Car Club. Here is their full presentation of the car :

    Bellow is the 1971 interior color chart :

    I am not sure it has changed between 1971 and 1973.
    Regarding this chart, I would then say that your first picture is brown and that the one in your second picture would be beige.

    But what is strange is that on my french Porsche certificat, interior color is 21 which should be "marron" (brown) in french but is marked as "brun" which we could also be translated to "brown" but with a less dark reference in french (dark tan like in the BHCC's text?).

    Do you know your brother's reference interior color ?

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