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Thread: Opinion please : Pallas vs through the grill vs bottom bumper

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    Opinion please : Pallas vs through the grill vs bottom bumper

    Greetings all,

    Seek opinions about installing Cibié Pallas vs Hella high beams through the grill (if exist) vs high beam in place of bottom bumper fog lights ?

    Pros and cons please.
    Fire at will.

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    Hello X!

    I just sent you a note before I saw this.

    On my own 67S RGruppe car, I did the hood mount and also the horn grill mount driving lights (I make those as well). I left the below bumper fog light opening as you could possibly run cooling from those holes to the brakes (not that I drive like that....). Currently I am running an H4 style headlight with the early sloped lens which are yellow.

    For my own 68L that I am doing a restoration on, I will the Cibie Pallas lights on the fender above the horn grills. For the headlights I will be using the 65-67 USA style lights with Cibie Biode bulbs (I am making those now, not sure how soon they will be ready).

    Picture attached of the 67S RGruppe car from years ago, but it looks pretty much like this now.
    Note Rolly's car in the background with the Cibie Pallas lights on the fender for reference on what I will do on my 68L.
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    I bought all 3... The TTG from Erik (obviously), and the Pallas from Pelican, had them painted to match, the fancy fogs - can't recall. Mount all 3 ? kidding...
    I never had the "couilles" to drill my hood and actually mount the cibié. I soon replaced my bumper to a sport one which negated the fogs, and the TTG on the other hand are a no-brainer once you buy the stoddard bracket, no harm no foul, no holes...

    Pros and cons are obvious enough, holes in a perfect hood, risk of drilling in the wrong place, paint cost/match of the Cibié shells, visible wiring hood open. The other 2 are both easier, cheaper and more discrete. All look wonderful. I wonder if the cibié might whistle or be otherwise aerodynamically annoying, but my car is too loud to notice.
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    Quote Originally Posted by brakekiller View Post
    Fire at will.
    I think it depends on the "spirit" of the Car. Do you want to be regional american torque wheels? or swedish rallye? or french boulevard racer?, do you want to be in a certain period? e.g. no mods in past 72 style. Should it be make / modder / else specific.
    When you know what the style should be the rest is pretty obvious (if you want to be period correct).
    E.G. the style of my 67 1600-2 is using parts up to 71 (except ignition and uprights they are from 73) no straight Alpina or straight Schnitzer using both not always using the easy nice looking stuff so not everybodys darling.
    If you want to go french use french additional lights, if you want to use amerincan torques use american or factory - if you want to go fantasy use whatever you like...

    I'd go for Marchal - they are stainless and painless.

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    After many years of consideration, I think a fender mount makes the most sense. You can use a much more efficient light and avoid the hood weight.

    Ultimately, it's a personal decision, and a difficult one. I have every auxiliary light possible, and have still not mounted any of them on my white car.
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  6. #6 a replacement hood...mount the first set...
    get some additional relais either from
    kroon or else for extra electrical safety...
    get some biodes on the main beams...

    find the rare black rally lights...
    ‚She‘ is already
    very beautiful
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soterik View Post
    Cibie Biode bulbs (I am making those now, not sure how soon they will be ready).
    Woot! Excellent news.
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    +1... I am a buyer for a set of those...

    Quote Originally Posted by Bill Simmeth View Post
    Woot! Excellent news.
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    reading your other post, it seems that you already made several Rally conversions in the interior (roll over bar, harnesses, steering wheel,....).

    Following this Rally conversation, I would mount Pallas on the fender, use Biodes as headlights and leave the front bumper fog light opening open.

    I personally don´t like the look of a single pair on the hood, while I like the light bar of four on the safari cars.

    TTG are much more for factory cars or boulevard racers.
    Front bumper lights look somehow misplaced, especially on Rally cars.

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    Thanks to all for the (diverse) opinions and good laugh.
    I am really struggling with my swb - I've been dreaming of the 911L grp2 for years, and now as I could enter the process of tranforming my 911L into that dream race car, I am now hesitating.
    There are very good points in here : drilling or not, be period correct, rallye/race/boulevard inspiration..
    Will not put any on he fog light holes at the bottom of the front bumpers - having the holes empty looks great, point taken.

    Am rather a race guy and want it period correct for sure.

    I did mount on fenders and bonnet Pallas (Cibié and Marshal) on my previous 911s - and I like very much the T/R Hartski look but drilling my nice swb...(do not have the "couilles" too ;-)
    I'l probably start with the through the horn grill stuff, and see...if am not satisfy, I will go Pallas.
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