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Thread: FS: 1967 911S outlaw

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    FS: 1967 911S outlaw

    I am reluctantely putting up my recently completed, 1967 911S street hotrod (outlaw build). We are building a new custom home and need to sell the 67 to assist in the financing of our build. This is a rust-free, numbers matching 911S. VIN 306927S. The original color was Bahama Yellow with black leatherette interior. The current color is the same as it was in race mode- Signal Yellow. The car runs great and rides very well. The suspension set-up is very well sorted. The exhaust isn't that quiet but not too loud at speed. The motor pulls very well, idles smoothly and does not bang, spit or backfire when your at a steady level speed. I left all the race purpose build items alone - just redesigned and re-integrated a few. The drive train and suspension was not changed. Same as it was when I purchased the car.

    Some items that were original to the race car (as purchased) and remain in the car:
    -2.7 race motor - 10.5/1 compression with larger cams, 40mm webers with rain hats, MSD ignition system (located on the rear interior fire wall), fuel cell, racing headers and exhaust, racing wire harness, weld-in roll cage (rear half remains), transmission track gears, front toe hook, front aluminum spoiler splitters, twin 930 from monted oil coolers (located behind the headlights), stainless steel braided oil lines, exterior electrical main cut-off switch, fire suppression system with exterior and interior pull handles, stainless steel hood and deck lid pins, lower and corner balance suspension.

    I purchased this car from the second owner. This family had it in their racing stock along with other Porsches. The previous owners purchased this car from the original owner in Salt Lake City, Utah. It was immediately stripped down and disassembled in order to build a vintage racer. This 1967 Porsche 911S was raced for approx. 25 years. The removed original parts and pieces were wrapped, boxed, labeled and stored in an environmental controlled warehouse. These boxes of parts and pieces remained unopened until purchase, when everything was shipped along with the car to Omaha.

    After a few months of planning and research, I began the outlaw build. A number of items were required to be installed, revised and/or replaced so that the car would be streetable. Some items were purchased new, however most of the missing parts were in the boxes that were shipped with the car.

    The work along with the parts required to make this streetable again, include the following: (sorry for the length of this list)

    EXTERIOR and associated items:
    1) New headlight buckets and installation
    2) New headlights
    3) Headlight switch (stock part)
    4) Turn signal switch (stock part)
    5) Wiper switch (stock part)
    6) Reverse light and switch (new)
    7) Front turn signal brackets, lenses and lights (re-chromed origianl stock part with new lenses)
    8) Install new "R" tail lights and lenses. Rework for installation into a SWB chassis. Purchased from TRE
    9) New chrome trim for both the rear and front swind screens
    10) New front wind screen glass
    11) Remove all fixed rear vent plexiglass - replaced with new non-open louvered acrylic panels
    12) Install both door window frames and rear hinged vent frames with original stock parts (using original stock door glass)
    13) New windshield wiper arms and blades
    14) New front wind screen washers.
    15) Install original stock wind screen washer pump along with new washer fluid bottle
    16) Re-plate original deck lid P O R S C H E letters and model designation (9 1 1 S) in brushed nickel
    17) Custom fabricate a new thru the hood fuel trim ring
    18) Install new thru the hood fuel filler tube (fabricate a new fuel cell plate and additional fuel level sender tube to use stock fuel sender unit)
    19) Fabricate new custom designed deck lid grille using stainless steel mesh and drilled and polished 1/4" thick acrylic fastened with stainless steel stand-offs
    20) Remove door handles - drilled and re-plated in chome
    21) Re-plate in chrome the original door and rear vent window base trim plates
    22) Purchase new stainless steel R-hinges. Design and fabricate new stainless steel rear wind screen hold-down bar strips. Drill-out and integrate with R-hinges as one-piece
    23) Remove racing decals, sand and prep car for sympathetic re-spray. Small portions of the body were taken down to metal
    24) Tape-off and paint full black R-stripes (hood, roof and deck lid)
    25) Install P O R S C H E side script, skeletal Pegasus and hood emblem decals
    26) Purchased period original Cibie hood mounted Callas lights (acquired from France). Re-plate trim ring and paint to match body
    27) Polish Fuchs wheels and install new Pirelli Tires and glue-on yellow tire lettering

    ELECTRICAL and ENGINE related issues
    28) Alter "racing" wire harness to control only the engine, ignition and fuel pump. (original factory harness to control the balance of the car's electrical needs)
    29) Install and locate the original wiring harness on new custom fabricated brackets set above the "race" harness
    30) Install new green LED lights for interior turn signal indicators (Racing tach does not include these indicator lights)
    31) Purchase a used fuel/oil level gauge. Sent to Hollywood Speedo for claibration and refurbishing
    32) Relocate racing switches for the fuel pump and ignition. Located in the radio dash cut-out
    33) Relocate fire supression system from the interior to the truck. Running new lines as needed
    34) Relocate interior fire supression pull handle
    35) Install original stock turn signal and wiper switches
    36) Install original stock head light switch
    37) Install reconditioned Cibie lights. Controled by original stock Fog Light switch
    38) Install original stock Emergency Flasher light switch
    39) Install new interior lights
    40) Install original stock Cigarette Lighter

    INTERIOR and misc.
    41) Cut and remove the fromt half of the welded-in roll cage
    42) Paint interior roof and roll cage in satin black
    43) Install new black vinyl at door and window pillars along with horizontal exposed framework
    44) Install Dyna-mat at main interior floor and rear seating and deck area
    45) Install new carpet padding as required
    46) Install new RS carpet kit
    47) Install new black vinyl RS door cards
    48) Install custom made leather door hinge stops and door pull straps
    49) Install new door window crank levers
    50) Install original stock vinyl door top caps, rear vent window top caps and main dash
    51) Install original stock vinyl dash face with aluminum strips and glove box door
    52) Install new ST vinyl seats with black corduroy inserts from GTS classic seats
    53) Install new MOMO prototipo steering wheel and hub
    54) Design, fabricate and install a custom housing to contain and cover the original ignition race set-up. Located on the rear deck wall
    55) New period correct REPA reproduction seat belts and harnesses
    56) New wood shift lever knob
    57) Custom fabricated new black painted aluminum smugglers box and shift knuckle access covers
    58) Recently installed a new oil back-flow preventive valve from Rothsport Racing. Works very well - reduces back flow of the oil and smokey start-ups

    This is a great running and performing 911. My first SWB and SWB outlaw build. I will really miss not having this car - however life calls. The car is sold as is and comes with some extra misc. parts and the original numbers matching short block engine.

    Quick video:

    Asking $264,000.00 OBO
    Please contact me should you have any questions
    Contact me at:

    I will post the Kardex tomorrow. I also have a short video to show.
    thanks so much for looking,


    2.7 "race" motor (10.5/1 compression, 40mm Webers, MSD Ignition, plus more)
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    DD: 2008 Aston Matin V8 Vantage (manual)
    Wife's: 2012 Cayenne Hybrid S
    2008 Porsche GT3-RS (modified)
    1978 Porsche 930 (heavily modified)
    1967 Porsche 911S

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    DD: 2008 Aston Matin V8 Vantage (manual)
    Wife's: 2012 Cayenne Hybrid S
    2008 Porsche GT3-RS (modified)
    1978 Porsche 930 (heavily modified)
    1967 Porsche 911S

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    DD: 2008 Aston Matin V8 Vantage (manual)
    Wife's: 2012 Cayenne Hybrid S
    2008 Porsche GT3-RS (modified)
    1978 Porsche 930 (heavily modified)
    1967 Porsche 911S

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    Matching number engine pics:

    Kardex and a few more ID pics:
    IMG_2785.jpgIMG_2786.jpgIMG_2787.jpgIMG_2791.jpgKartex 306927.jpg67 ID plate.jpg
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    DD: 2008 Aston Matin V8 Vantage (manual)
    Wife's: 2012 Cayenne Hybrid S
    2008 Porsche GT3-RS (modified)
    1978 Porsche 930 (heavily modified)
    1967 Porsche 911S

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    DD: 2008 Aston Matin V8 Vantage (manual)
    Wife's: 2012 Cayenne Hybrid S
    2008 Porsche GT3-RS (modified)
    1978 Porsche 930 (heavily modified)
    1967 Porsche 911S

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    Is that Jerry Schouten's vintage racer?
    A great guy who died an unfortunate death.

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    yes it was. I worked with his son on acquiring the car. unfortunate incident for his family
    DD: 2008 Aston Matin V8 Vantage (manual)
    Wife's: 2012 Cayenne Hybrid S
    2008 Porsche GT3-RS (modified)
    1978 Porsche 930 (heavily modified)
    1967 Porsche 911S

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    I will get pics of the bottom posted soon. The car is off getting polished - I just never got to it - finished with a stage 3 buffing, but never got to the polished stage

    thanks again for looking
    DD: 2008 Aston Matin V8 Vantage (manual)
    Wife's: 2012 Cayenne Hybrid S
    2008 Porsche GT3-RS (modified)
    1978 Porsche 930 (heavily modified)
    1967 Porsche 911S

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    Hello all - thanks for looking

    I could also do a trade for a 911 plus cash deal. I would prefer and 73 or earlier (72 would be great), coupe, mostly complete. Running or in pieces - again I would prefer a running example. The trade car could be worth between $40K to $100K.

    DD: 2008 Aston Matin V8 Vantage (manual)
    Wife's: 2012 Cayenne Hybrid S
    2008 Porsche GT3-RS (modified)
    1978 Porsche 930 (heavily modified)
    1967 Porsche 911S

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    Just my opinion but that's an extremely strong price for a non-stock car.
    1967 911S Bahama Yellow/Black - In Restoration
    1997 993 4S Black/Cashmere

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