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Thread: W: Fraise (Rose Red) 70-73 911

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    Quote Originally Posted by uai View Post
    seen in essen 2019 so obviously not sold in 2016 ex hugh hefner ATTACH=CONFIG]489682[/ATTACH]
    Anymore info on the Essen car? Is the link you posted the Dealer who has it in stock?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JL911E View Post
    Anymore info on the Essen car?
    no, I was more attracted by the playboy Magazine they had on the windscreen
    Quote Originally Posted by JL911E View Post
    Is the link you posted the Dealer who has it in stock?
    Yes, they don't list it on their website but they had it on display and it wasn't marked as sold.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soterik View Post
    73 911T injected, 99,000eu was the asking price, supposedly ex Hefner as previously noted. That dealer is supposedly the one who has it in stock. Interestingly they had another 911 that they showed a year or two ago in the same color, but as I recall it was a 70 or 71, and they sold it immediately at the show.
    I almost bought that car last year but it was a color change.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Soterik View Post
    Color change? Meh, so what, you paint your house don't you?
    Yes, but when I sell it I don't ask for a 25% premium because I chose an unusual color.
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    Hey Chuck! Why were all of the threads discussing ESR member rights deleted from the Off-Topic forum?

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    There was a Raspberry 72 911T Targa running around Pacific Palisades a few years ago but I haven't seen it recently. The thing that stood out in my mind (other than the color!) was that the owner had glued thin metal and rubber door protector strips onto both the driver and passenger doors. Wish I had taken a picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by haul View Post
    VIN = 9113101703
    Eng# = ?
    Trans# = ?
    Prod# = ?

    '. . . Owned since 1994, original paint, no rust. In all the Porsche events I have been to, I have not seen this color (Rose Red) on any other car...ever. The car has not been driven in the rain since I owned the car. In 2002 2.4L CIS upgraded to 3.6L - w/two oil coolers, 915 transmission, 930 turbo brakes, Fuchs wheels, Weltmeister sway bars, GT ZF diff, Recaro seats.

    My 1973 is truly the best of both worlds, the original shell of a vintage 911, with modern power, brakes, and suspension. All work done by Jeff Gamroth/Rothsport in Sherwood, Oregon. If you do not know Rothsport Racing, research his shop, it is one of the best in the country. I have all documentation for all work completed. This is a one of a kind 911, an amazing driving experience. Approximately 5,000 miles on the car since the 3.6 upgrade (work started when 85700 miles)
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    (NOT mine)

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    FS: @MECUM Auctions Monterey - 1973 911T Coupe - Rose Red

    Now going to MECUM . . . 9113101703
    Sold for: NO SALE (Highest bid: US$85,000)

    73T 1.jpg
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    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
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    Recent sales history:
    June 2019: First offered on the Phoenix Craig's List for US$102,000
    August 2019: Then went to MECUM Monterey Auction: No Sale -highest bid was US$85,000 (^above^)
    October 2019: Now offered at Makellos Classics, Escondido, CA; no price listed.
    1973 Porsche 911T Coupe
    VIN: 9113101703
    Engine: -
    Trans: -
    Color: Rose Red/Black
    Mileage: -
    Price: "Inquiry"

    73T 0.jpg

    73T 3-2.jpg

    73T 3-1.jpg

    73T 1.jpg

    73T 2.jpg

    73T 3.jpg

    73T 4.jpg

    73T 5.jpg

    73T 6.jpg

    Dealer Description:

    This is the ultimate sleeper Porsche a 1973 Porsche 911T with a 3.6 liter 964 engine installed by the folks at Rothsport Racing. The previous owner purchased the car back in the early 1990s as a completely stock 1973 911 T. In 2002, he decided he wanted more power and reached out to Rothsport Racing to formulate a plan for the vehicle. Not seeing the car yet, Rothsport assumed it would be your average longhood Porsche, riddled with rust and wear, and said it would not be worth it. The owner asked if he could bring the car by, and they were shocked at how well preserved and original the vehicle was.

    After speaking with the owner, Jeff Gamroth, everyone agreed that the ideal direction would be sourcing a rebuilt 964 engine rather than rebuilding the existing 2.4 liter motor. Once the proper engine was sourced, they began the work necessary to allow the vehicle to accept the new engine while also be able to perform. Due to the drastic upgrade in engine size, the vehicle required additional cooling for the oil system, so front fender oil coolers under both the right and left fenders were added to ensure optimal oil temps were achieved. The transmission was also in need of an upgrade due to the increased power, which came in the form of a 915 sourced from a 911SC that they rebuilt to include a new Guard limited slip differential. The stock 964 exhaust was removed and replaced with SSI heat exchangers and a stainless steel muffler to retain a more vintage appearance. Knowing the increase in power would overwhelm the existing brake and suspension systems, Rothsport decided to install 22mm (front) and 28mm (rear) torsion bars to stiffen the ride complimented by larger Weltmeister adjustable sway bars. The old struts and shocks were replaced with new Bilsteins along with new front ball joints, and turbo-style tie rods and Neatrix rear spring plate bushings. The original brake calipers were replaced with 930 brake calipers that had were machined down to allow for optimal clearance, while tucked behind the 6x15/7x15 Deep 6 Fuchs. Given the sky high prices and availability of original 7x15 7R Fuchs and the low quality of the reproductions, the owner decided to have the rear Deep 6 rims enlarged by an inch to fill the wheel well and get more rubber on the pavement.

    Since all of this work has been completed, the most recent owner has only put roughly 2500 miles on the vehicle. It only has 97,500 original miles on the body while the rarely seen Rose Red/Raspberry paint is 100% original. The front seats have been replaced with corduroy bucket seats and a B-pillar brace/harness guide has been installed behind them for additional bracing. The remainder of the interior is completely original and in excellent shape, including the dash which has no cracks. The car runs, drives and handles incredibly well and is a perfect balance of modern power and originality. Since being at the Makellos Classics shop, we have dynod the car, resulting in an output of 221 hp to the rear wheels.

    - 1973 Porsche 911T with a 3.6 liter 964 engine, installed by Rothsport Racing
    - Original and highly rare Raspberry/Rose Red paint in excellent condition
    - Front fender oil coolers
    - 915 Transmission including Guard limited slip differential
    - SSI heat exchangers with stainless steel muffler for a high performing yet vintage look
    - 22m (front) and 28mm (rear) torsion bars featuring Weltmeister adjustable sway bars
    - New Bilsteins along with new front ball joints, and turbo-style tie rods and Neatrix rear spring plate bushings.
    - 930 Brake Calipers
    - 6x15/7x15 Deep 6 Fuchs
    - 97,500 Miles and in excellent condition
    - Corduroy bucket seats with B-pillar brace/harness guide installed for additional bracing
    - Remainder of interior is completely original and in excellent condition (including uncracked dash)
    - 221hp to rear wheels
    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
    PCA #1987109761
    Early 911S Registry #548

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    Now listed on PCAR Market Website Auction:
    Sold for: NO SALE (Highest bid: US$87,000 on 10/23/19)
    Currently offered for: US$112,500

    73T Rose Red PCAR.jpg
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    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
    PCA #1987109761
    Early 911S Registry #548

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