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Thread: Euro delivery 1967 911S - tell tale signs?

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    Question Euro delivery 1967 911S - tell tale signs?

    The other day someone pulled up next to my 1967 911S, got out of his car and told his passenger "That's a European delivery '67 911S." He was correct but I didn't get a chance to talk to him and I'd like to know what he saw that made him say that. The obvious answer, to me, would be the tail-lights but the car has US type tail lights. What else could he have seen with only a glance at the rear and driver's side exterior to make this claim?

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    One tell-tail to a very discriminating observer might be a hole near the bend in the lower section of the rear bumpers. My understanding is that these were drilled in some of the euro cars for small side reflectors. I am very much not sure about this and am only speculating, but I have seen two such cars 1967 cars. Does your car have these holes?

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    What about headlights or bumper over riders?

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    Turn signal front: US full orange; EU white and large orange
    Taillight: US red; EU orange
    Overriders front only for US
    Dashboard: Miles for US /KM or miles (UK) in EU / language
    Dashboard: Warning light US only


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    Don't discount a lucky guess.

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    Lucky guess gets my vote too. Remember it is pointed out that the person got a look only at the rear and partial drivers side. Thus, anything in the front (mentioned above) could not have been the clue(s). How brief was the look, and what perspectives were revealed? If the person had a look at the front and the dash, then yes, there would have been some of the clues mentioned above.

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    That's a heck of a lucky guess. Here's a recent pic of the backend.

    There are two holes in the right bumper ("bumper horn with rubber buffer") facing the license plate. I figured those were put in by a previous owner attaching "something."

    The pictures that @Adore911 posted look similar - the dash is identical (though mine has hole where a radio should go), no fog-lights, but there's no way he could have seen either. And mine does have reflectors on the bumpers that never seem to want to look like they belong.

    BTW, the panel there is black because of an unfortunate incident involving a little spilled oil and a hot muffler. Near disaster. As I noted elsewhere on this forum I recently learned that the original color is silver. You can see a little of that silver peeking through right above the "C". You may also notice that at one point this car had a rear windshield wiper. Someday as funds improve both those will be restored. You may also notice some dust on the car. I do enjoy this car quite a bit.

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    We had this one a few months ago, delivered to Sonauto in Paris. Like a good doggie, it went back to France, from where it came.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ejboyd5 View Post
    Don't discount a lucky guess.
    Or someone spouting nonsense to impress someone (a young lady?) and being right by coincidence.

    Could be. I once told a girl I was the original drummer for Flock of Seagulls.
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    I once told a girl I was the original drummer for Flock of Seagulls.
    And she ran, she ran so far away.
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