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Thread: driving lights, how many is too many?

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    Attack of the 'Christmas Trees'

    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin-Allocca View Post
    . . . purchased a set of TTG driving light from Eric Linden and now not sure I should install them. I am running the stock sugar scoops on my 68' and fog lights. I am worried that the TTG driving lights many be over the top. Before I push forward with the install I am seeking some input from this group . . .
    From a long-ago post . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by LongRanger View Post
    . . . list of things that I will NEVER EVER defile my car with:

    1) Through-the-grill- and hood-mounted accessory lights --- pustular, carbuncular, odious. The fog-lights are just precious, but does anybody really light-off their Cibie's and use them (or their car) the way they were intended? My car will see the other side of a buck-forty, but why would I want to pimple-up it's face with this mess? What's next? Dagmars and a swamp-cooler? Woof! . . .

    I know-I know --- the pull to search-out/buy/stick-on 'stuff' on one's car is pretty strong . . . but my question is always? . . .

    . . . is this something I Really Need (= gonna use)? . . .

    . . . or is this just something I Gotta Have?

    Lotsa cars have seats and steering wheels added, maybe a few special bits under the hood . . . my car does. Kinda expected. Tons o' this stuff out there, too --- from vendors more-than-happy to push it . . . and a lot of it genuine Real-Deal period/Porsche stuff, too . . .

    Maybe throw-in a few interesting period bits, too, like . . . a muffler skirt, some fender trim, maybe a roll bar . . . even mud-flaps

    But then . . .

    . . . flairs + fenders, tails, roof racks, decals, badges, bazooka exhausts? . . . topped-off by the inevitable cluster of lights? --- = yikes!

    Car as 'Christmas tree' . . .

    . . . aka The Volkswagen Disease

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    My 911 72 had thru the grill 118's but I took them off when I had the car shipped down home because as we all know things go missing in the post.
    Never put them on and got fresh grills from Eric as I prefer the clean look but its all a personal thing so just do what you want.
    I do like spots tho and ran them on the Mexico when doing night forestry rallies. 15 degree outset on the lowers .... life savers

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    Historical Reference

    It is always good to look at what has been done historically:
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    Will Eric be offering the roof light repro anytime soon?
    No Crap

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    To Kevin's query, here is a three light setup on a '68 with sugar scoops. The 128 fogs are the factory option, and the Hella 118s were installed by Porsche in Vienna, Austria before the car was a week old. The driving lights were well used and pretty rashed up over the years, and were masterfully restored by Michael Downing of this board a couple years ago. He describes them as rarer Italian style 118s, with the horizontal rectangular reflector. Period original with factory grills and wiring.
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    My Euro 1970 targa with M432 driving lights. These come on with the high beams and shoot a focused beam of light far down the road, so they do not overlap at all with fog lights.

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    My favorite look, this was a one owner 70E that was parked in 72, man I should have kept that one....

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    Is it possible to be too rich, too thin or to have too many lights:
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kevin-Allocca View Post
    Thanks Serge! Was that photo taken at the Simeon Museum??
    Yup, it was...I'm in Philadelphia...go there a bunch of times.
    And I've used all my lights at nighttime when I lived in the burbs, the land of deer. I also used them in CA driving into parts unknown at night. I have a two stage switch...first are the smaller Cibie 40s, second are the Cibie hood lights.

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    Porsche is wondering "how many" also. I've seen this image floating around the interweb.
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