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Thread: Eric Linden

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    Years ago, Eric Linden was one of the nicest people I met at the first early Porsche event I ever went to, an R Gruppe meet in Cambria. I was either in college or just out, and driving a 914—probably the only thing in the parking lot without six cylinders. Eric was friendly, cool, and welcoming—so I'm very excited to see what he, Mark, Randy, and John have cooked up.



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    Iíve had the pleasure of knowing Eric for many years now. We first met at an Emory Campout when we were both mainly interested in 356ís. I was serving as Technical Editor of the 356 Registry and thought I knew stuff. Ericís knowledge blew me away - he knew *everything*.

    Heís helped me many times over the years with Audette Collection, my little light venture. Iím currently delighted to work with him, Randy, Pete and Mark on an upcoming article in ď000Ē.

    Kudos to Randy for starting this thread. Itís nice to receive earned accolades without having to die first.


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    Quote Originally Posted by 66S View Post
    Eric is a very nice guy in person.
    Ha! As opposed to......?

    We know what you meant, it just struck me as funny

    Yes John, youíre right. Iím glad heís still living, I bet he is too!

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    I haven't logged on in a while and am trying to understand this thread.

    Did something happen to Eric?
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    Nope, Randy is doing an article with him.
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    Eric's alright...

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    I hate to be the contrarian on Eric but I found him difficult to deal with since he wouldn’t sell me his personal 67s sport seats or a 67s softie I wanted. Teasing! He was always gracious and helpful. I still want a softie though!

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    Like many enthusiasts that turn out to be critical suppliers, Eric deserves credit for setting a high standard on all he does and provide parts reflective of his passion for accuracy. He just won't do less than 'the best'. Period.

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    If I ruled the world, Eric would be in Stuttgart, running Porsche Classic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soterik View Post
    . . . Hey Longranger...

    If you look at the top of this category, you'll see that there is a category to post these "leads" that surely none of us would have certainly have never have found

    Feel free to post your links in the "For Sale/Wanted" in their appropriate catageory of 911S, 911T, or 911E.

    If you've found another category that appears to be found "wanting", please feel free to create your own "sticky".

    If you're selling your own car, please feel free to "post away" in this catagory.


    Eric . . .

    And later, this exchange --- see post #7 . . .

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