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Thread: difference between a ROW and a US f model

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    difference between a ROW and a US f model


    does anayone have a link, where I can se the differences between a ROW and a US version of the f model.

    Thanks Rasmus

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    What year?

    air cooled only

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    1970 is my car but the other years also have my intrest

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    the F model was the 1973 model year and your '70 is the C model
    which one do you want information on ?

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    Here in Europe we call 64-73 911 F Modell and your so called bumper models G Modell.

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    like Dirk says, in Europe we call pre 73 models f models and bumper models for G models.
    Im mostly interestet in the 1070 model and the diffences in aperence, lights, gauges, bunper horn, engine specs, trim options (T vs. E. vs S) ect.

    I was hoping that there where a tabel that show the differences and some pictures to back it up.

    Tanke Rasmus

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    Euro Equipment

    Dunno about 'RoW.' Think that designation came about some time in the '80s, maybe? I have read accounts of cars being equipped for certain markets --- 'Italy-' and 'Japan-specific' option codes/cars come to mind, but/anyway . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by Babuski76 View Post
    . . . mostly interested in the 1970 model and the differences in appearance, lights, gauges, bumper horn, engine specs, trim options (T vs. E. vs S) etc . . .

    Sorry, no 'table', but --- I own German-market 1970 'S' and, compared to a US-market car, there aren't that many differences = short list . . .

    1) Euro car probably came w/ 'H1' (non-sealed beam) headlights --- dual-reflector + bulb w/ flush glass assembly vs single-reflector w/ inset lens (aka 'sugar scoop') for US

    2) Euro car has different turn-signal lighting. Fronts have small white 'flasher' (enlarged for IT-market cars) + amber 'running light'. Front turn-signal housing + wiring are different, as well. Euro has amber 'running' + red 'brake' rears, w/white 'back-ups'; US car has all-amber front lenses + all-red rears w/white back-ups

    3) Euro has metric instrumentation vs English on the US

    4) Euro seat belts have a white thread running in the middle of the straps

    5) US car has a fuel vapor trap (various hoses + canister) residing in the left front of the trunk, adjacent to the fuse panel

    May be some other subtle stuff --- like interior materials, radios w/ strange reception 'bands', + other odd equipment . . . my car came with a German-language fire-extinguisher fitted to the trans tunnel --- even had a Swiss Car Dealer key-fob



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    as stated above. there was no RoW back in those days. French cars got yellow head and fog lights, italian cars had different turn signals and brit delivery cars even had the steering wheel mounted on the wrong side, how crazy is that.

    i believe the 5 speed was standard in Germany, but the 4 speed was standard for many years in the USA. engine power was generally lower because of emissions/ lower fuel grades (designed to run on 87 or even lower octane fuels not available in Europe)
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    air cooled only

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    Swiss cars had swiss equipment...and seat belts were usually dealer installed, so several brands were used and differ for each market. RoW was not Europe only, but Rest of World: Japan, Kenya, Australia, UK, Spain, Italy or Sweden..
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    Thank. You
    It is that kind of info I am after.

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