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Thread: Fan belts

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    Fan belts

    PORSCHE PHOENIX generator/fan belts
    It's been a very long time since I have posted here. I used to own some pretty nice 912's (66 coupe and 68 swt were my best). Anyway, I moved to 356 ownership and have been active over there for about 15 years.
    I have started to produce a reproduction of the original PORSCHE PHOENIX fan belt that was factory supplied on the late 356 and I believe all 912 (exception of the 912E). A detailed description can be found in a Classifieds Ad posting I made on the 356 Registry website:
    Please contact me if you'd like one.
    Also, note the date code is prior to 912 production. If this group would like me to produce these belts with an early production date, say 6/01 for January of 1966, I would need to know in advance that I could sell at least ten. I'd need to cover my AutoCAD costs and tooling costs. I may not remember to check here often, so if interested, email me directly at

    Found this on the 912 BBS. If you go to his 356 site embedded in the thread he talks about possibly doing 911 Phoenix belts. Maybe he should be encouraged. Pictures on his site. Anybody already doing this?
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    Guess nobody is interested. I'm not shilling for this fellow, but told him I posted here. He sent me this picture of the belt he would be copying but says he would need a minimum order of 25 to make it worth his while.
    I'm buying two of his early 912 belts (at full price).911 belt.jpg

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    Thanks for posting this. I ordered 4 for my 912’s. Hope he does the 911’s too.

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    Hi guys- I'm the fella doing these belts. I am a long time Porsche owner, mostly 356 and a few 912's sprinkled in there over the last 40+ years. I start out with a Porsche Optibelt that I buy from Stoddard and label them as appropriate for the particular model. I do these on modern inking machinery. I have tooling and AutoCAD costs I cannot avoid in the process, so I cannot switch the date stamp all over the place. I do not own the machinery, so I buy the time and materials from a custom shop. Various dates would drive them away from me.
    All that being said, creating the belt above would be fairly simple for me. I'd pay to have the image changed to reflect the correct belt size and a reasonable date. New tooling would be made to hold the belt in place while inking is done (because of the different size). Anyway, I am not getting rich doing this, and my $89 price is what it is. I could go ingo the 911 belts if I could produce one date, and sell a minimum of 15 of the belts. That's 15 total, and could be 15 different customers. PayPal and shipping charge is $10 belt in the lower 48 states.
    So, send me an email if interested. Lead time on the project would be about a month. No money needed from you, just an honest indication of interest.
    Paul Hatfield

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    I would be interested in 4 belts for 911 from 66 and 67.

    356 A 58 silver
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    BMW R69S

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    I would be interested in some for a '65 911.

    1965 911 #301111, Red Book Vol 1 "Cover Car," owned 48 years.
    1967 911 #307347, bare-bones, some road wear, a little surface rust, and a few dents..., owned 8 years.
    1970 914/6GT,, (For Sale- ran the last three Rennsports)owned 30 years.

    Photography Site:

    Pushin' back the hands of time, "Along For The Ride" at,

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    Would love one for my '72...
    Peter Kane

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    Talked to Paul today via Email. Some expressions of interest but no firm commitments. He is therefore taking the position of prepayment being necessary. I am wondering if he would take half payment. for each belt. I know most guys on here would live up to whatever they commit to, but everybody has probably been burned at least once, and I can understand his reluctance.. I don't represent Paul and only came across him when I bought a belt for my 912. And I'm not particularly interested in being the guy to start a group buy. This is what he said in response to my email inquiry.

    I have had people dance around their interest.

    I’d like to do them, but even this guy Anke contacted me a couple of days ago. Wanted 4.

    I wrote him back that it would be a first run, and I’d need payment in advance so that I did not get stuck with all my costs.

    He replied he changed it to 2 belts, and wanted them at his European location within 6 weeks- guaranteed.

    I explained I cannot promise that as it might not happen.

    So, still not running them. I can easily do the belts, but I need at least 15 belts. I currently have none pre-sold.

    Once I have 15, I could be shipping them in about 6 weeks. I have the tooling design work done.
    As an aside, Anke is a she and not a he. I can understand her concern because she and her husband are located in Europe. Maybe do it by PayPal somehow? Open to suggestions if in fact there is real interest. Otherwise let it die.


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    Paul...maybe keep a running list of those who post here or email you and when you reach that magical number of 15, ask for payment? (PayPal hopefully). I'm in for one as noted above. Thanks and hoping for the best.
    Peter Kane

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    Here's a suggestion, based on a similar recurring venture I still have from my recent FJ40 project. I accept pre-payment via PayPal, but I don't ask for them to send to me, I send the buyers a PayPal invoice. This makes it easy for me to refund their pre-payment if I don't get enough buyers to justify a new run, but gives them some protection as well, since if I don't deliver they can make a PayPal claim against me, which they can't do if they pay via F&F.
    - Arne

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