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Thread: Stolen engine No.6111743 - Porsche 911 T 1971 in Switzerland

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    Stolen engine No.6111743 - Porsche 911 T 1971 in Switzerland

    What is probably the biggest scam in Porsche Classic world in Europe in recent years, entire cars and engines of owners lent to a shop were sold to others not knowing the origin of these goods, done by someone in Switzerland going bancrupt while doing deals in the last frenzy months of closing, to get some quick money. We are talking of items like of 2.7RS lwt, 1970 911 S/T but also a simple 911T. Sick.

    We are in the process of listing engines and chassis numbers asap and yes, I also lost my matching engine to my car. The whereabout of the engine are today unknown, it disappeared while being told it gets an engine overhaul. I have the car, minus the engine.

    I am obliged by law to not reveil more infos and how it has been possible to mount such a scam, the case is now in state procecutors hands. There are about a dozen lawyers representing former clients or contacts.
    We were told the person accused of misconduct is currently in psychiatric custody care.

    But as a longtime member of this board, for future registration as well as google research, in hope to find again what is lost, here my info:

    Porsche 911 T
    Chassis no. 9111101xx7
    Matching Engine 6111743
    Swiss owned, certified, longtime ownership.

    Engine is lost/stolen/sold to unknown.
    Car is still with owner.
    Any whereabouts of this engine 6111743 is helpful, any people who today or in future are in possession of this engine block might contact its rightful owner, me. Also, willing to buy it back.

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    I am so sorry to hear this
    I have added the number to my database for searching
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    Oh no, terrible news :-(
    No real enthusiast will keep a part like this when they find out about the circumstances. Crossing my fingers you will get your engine back.
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    This is really disturbing news. It’s really pathetic when you park at a classic car event or leave a vehicle in the hands of a trusted care - giver & the unthinkable happens, to you! I was at a swap meet ( another soft target venue ), Pomona, CA. and this young guy with a 55 VW beetle ( I owned one in early 70’s) and a few friends standing around it. He was almost in tears as both of his rare taillight had been stolen in broad day light! I actually saw it sitting there earlier sans tail light and thought , this guy is being a little bit over protective! That was really my first wake up to these type of situations.
    I hope you can recover your engine as it really belongs to you. As the poster above says,no real enthusiast would want to keep it if they knew the circumstances.


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    Sorry to hear this Karim; that’s just horrible...
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    this really in austria we also have a porsche "specialist" stealing parts like tool kits and sport seat bases etc from customer cars ..he replaces them with repros...
    hope those engines will be found.

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    I knew of somebody scared to let his car out of his sight to the point where he would only have a mechanic come over to his house to work on his 74 Carrera. He would never take it to a shop for work. Now I understand the concern. Most of the time owners of these shops will never let on that they are in trouble money wise for fear they will spook you from bringing your car to them. You just never know. Terrible news I hope the engine is found. Chris
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    Thx for feedbacks. The scale of the situation is unheard, going into double digit million values. I have little hope to find my engine again, the goods were spread all over Europe and any potential buyer is legally not obliged to return, at least the legal systems are so diverse, it will be hard to recover. Just beware Porsche engine number 6111743 is mine.
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    Hi Karim,

    Feel sorry for you. You can put it on the motor search, there is over 200 engines in and growing every day. I did not build this to find stolen engines but at least you have a chance to do something if there is ever a match.

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    I hate it when shops do this. I bought a Convertible several years ago where the shop restored the car, but sold off most of the parts over time, it was very sad. The owner was a retired school teacher and didn't have the means to buy all the missing parts, so he was forced to sell the car.

    I hope you find your engine.

    Sadly, this happens more often than we think.

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