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if you HAVE to rebuild, there are some pretty proven, reliable combinations that will get you into the 170s and have a very nice motor... and nowhere even close to overmotoring the car. And keeping the case you have w/out boatloads of machine work, twin plugging etc.

Starting with a 2.4 by adding long stroke crank and rods from a 2.4/2.7

E or solex cams.

New 2.2 (still will be a 2.4) piston/cylinder combo to get you into the 9.5 range.

03-19-2015 08:51 PM
This is the route I took in my ‘71 searching for more fun... and torque. I had a 2.7 crank and rods so that helped the decision. I went with Biral cylinders bored to 85mm and new 9.5 pistons, which I think are more like 9:1 in use and E cams. Result is a more revvy engine with gobs of torque, but not a high rpm screamer since I kept the small port heads.