Hi Folks,

I own a US delivered ‘71T / 5 speed / Weber’s / matching numbers car in original condition. Fair to say the engine is tired and so I am considering a rebuild, albeit the usual question of more hp is at front of mind. I am very keen to maintain period correctness, albeit within these parameters I wanted to ask others what you either have done, or know of for performance upgrades to this specific engine? Factory spec was around 130hp, but what options get me above 150hp, towards 180?

Obviously S pistons, barrels and a cam are an obvious start, with Weber’s retained, however what other suggestions are there for modifying this specific engine? With this scenario, do I retain a decent level of torque, or do I end up with a peaky motor like the 2.2 S?

I had considered building a 2.3 S/T engine on carbs, and perhaps this is the way to go?

What have others done with this dilemma?

Many thanks,