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Thread: FS: 1970 911S - Tangerine - Highly Optioned - Less than 100k Miles

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    FS: 1970 911S - Tangerine - Highly Optioned - Less than 100k Miles

    As part of my quest to go from 50 to 20 cars this year I'm selling one of my favorites. This one really stings but I have 2 Tangerine 911S's and the other one is a forever car so this pretty girl needs a new home.

    The car is highly optioned with sunroof, electric windows, and retractable seat belts. It's a Swiss-delivered car brought to America in the early 80's by the original owner. He lived in Spring, TX and this has always been a Texas car since imported. I am the 4th owner and the car is highly documented, including the sub-100k mileage, thoughout its ownership history. The extensive documentation is really one of the highlights of this beautiful car and won't disappoint.

    The car is matching numbers and highly original with the exception of a high-quality repaint by a previous owner and some touch up work by my shop. The car was originally delivered with standard comfort seats (which come with the car) but I sourced a set of original sport seats that I had reupholstered by Tony at Autobahn (black leather with Pepita centers) and they're mounted in the car now and are also included in the sale.

    The car is among the nicest and best driving early 911's I've ever owned and is mechanically 100% having just recently been gone through by Bob Jones at Jones Autowerks in San Antonio, TX. Tires are brand new Vredestein radials.

    I saw several cars not as good - and certainly not as original as this one - priced between $200 and $250k+ in L.A. last weekend and I think $195k is more than fair for this car but feel free to bring me offers.

    More info and better photos to follow. The photo below is from when I bought the car 6 years ago. It looks even better now and I added a set of side script decals in silver for a little bling. It sells here or goes to BaT. I'd love to see it end up in a new home with a member of this group.

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    Bob Jones and his shop, Autowerks consistently flies under the radar here. They have worked on my cars for over 40 years and do exceptional work. Bob has forgotten more than most know about Porsches. This looks like a lovely car in one of my favorite colors.

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    Unbelievable. 2.2S with roof and electric windows should be a FOREVER car.

    One cannot have TOO MANY Tangerine cars. And it takes up less floor space than a Citation.

    For someone even remotely looking for an S coupe this would be top-o-my-list.

    Good luck John.
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    so we have found Frank's Brown!!

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    Thanks, guys. And thanks for the inquiries.

    I apologize for being less-than-prepared. To answer some common questions:

    The exact mileage is 96,209 miles documented (in km) on the federal importation documents in 1982 - including the official record of the speedo change-out from km to miles - and incredible documentation since it's been in the USA. This is one of those cars where the owners kept day-to-day, hand-written records showing every fill-up, oil-change, car wash, etc. Literally a stack of records 4 inches thick.

    The car has no rust. None. Never has. The pans are original and beautiful.

    I've probably driven the car 500 miles since I've owned it. The only significant mechanical work I've had done is a rebuild of the transmission (1st gear had a little grind) by ScottShop, a respected Porsche specialist in Sarasota, FL (sadly closed as the owner retired). Scott was the mechanic who did the PPI for me when I bought the car in FL and I was so impressed I asked him to rebuild the transmission before shipping the car to Texas.

    Yes, the car has only been a Texas car since it came to the USA. It spent a few weeks with a car chaser in Florida who found the car in Texas before I bought the car and shipped it right back home.

    My plan - still my plan - is to take some detailed photos this weekend. In the meantime, I stopped by my shop and took a few photos with my iPhone. Nothing fancy, but should give everyone a pretty good idea of how the car presents and some of the ridiculously cool original details.










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    And a few details...

    Wheels refinished by Harvey
    Original dash
    Original knee bolsters
    Original antenna
    Original mirror
    Original square-edge muffler tip
    Original 2.2 window sticker
    Swiss-delivery AMAG Lauf tag
    Federal importation door jamb tag









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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveFromNY View Post
    . . . It sells here or goes to BaT. I'd love to see it end up in a new home with a member of this group . . .
    Wonderful car --- spectacular, really

    Wonderful also that you advertised your car here first. At the very least, the word should get out for anyone who's in (or acquainted with) our Little Corner

    If it does go to BaT, then I'd be very curious as to what kind of audience it'll attract. I've seen some pretty-wild pricing over there, so the bidding could be surprising

    Any interest in Monterey? Multiple auctions going on there in August --- = LOTS of attention . . . not-to-mention a killer demographic . . . = multiple Buyers with the discrimination + resources to really appreciate (+bid on) a car like yours

    Anyway --- thanks, again, for offering it here, John

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    Good luck selling this special car. It really is spectacular. Wish I had the means.

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    Stunning, just stunning. This is one of those ‘no brainers’ - Too bad I’m in the ‘no dinero’ position coming off a major remodel. Oh well, GLWS JP.

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    I would love to know about your orange car that is more desirable than this one!

    This car is one of those that will double in value in the next five years IMO -- you'll regret selling it for that reason alone.

    Either way, good luck with the sale,


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