If anyone here in NZ needs or wants to have a decent drive let me know ??

This a 9 day hike. Leave Aukland to Queenstown and back,

Running like this.

Auckland, Wellington, Car ferry to Nelson ,West Coast ( some really nice open road "darts off the main's),Queenstown , Just stunning and fast.

Then to Christchurch,

Via Lake Tekapo, through Geraldine, Mount Somers, Windwhistle and down into Christchurch.
Then back up the East Coast via Hanmner cutting through to via whats open to Blenheim, then back roads and onto Picton.
Catch car Ferry and back to Wellington and then onto Auckland or wherever.

Dates are ........19/5- 29/5. Yes 2019.

Could be driven quickly and shall at stages but that is not what "fun" roads are about.

2850 miles or 4600 km.

Last decent stab before winter.