details about the car. My dad bought it in the eighties and was the 3rd or 4th owner. He had always wanted a Porsche and finally found one he could afford. It was always his project car and somewhat of a retirement project. I remember riding in it as a little kid and him working on it in the garage. He passed away in 2009 and this was left to me. Currently the car is not running and hasnít been since 2009. What I know is that it needs new tires and fuel lines. The tank was drained and the lines were cinched when it started to leak gas in the garage. It definitely needs body work and paint. I donít know how extensive the rust is. I donít know the carís value but there have been several notes left on it with people interested in buying it and one had an offer of $45,000. Iíve kept it all these years because it reminds me of my dad and Iíd like to get it up and running. What Iím looking for is advice on where to start.