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Thread: A Proposal to Establish Member Control of the ESR

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    I know exactly what it's about. Refer to post #296.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveFromNY View Post
    Fake news.

    Again, for those of you with a hearing deficiency, I originally contacted my attorneys regarding this matter on June 24th, nearly two months prior to Frank being banned. The timing of Chuck's action against Frank is merely coincidental.
    Yet you still managed to make it part of your platform....

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    It’s about making something better and giving some input to paying members. My 2 cents. This thread should only be for paying members.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unobtanium-inc View Post
    Yet you still managed to make it part of your platform....
    We get it, Adam. You hate Frank so much that you can't stop talking about him. But point #7 isn't from my proposal, it's from a proposal submitted on behalf of more than 20 of your fellow members. And Frank's name isn't anywhere in it (as much as you seem to wish it was). The simple truth is that there have been multiple instances over the years of immensely valuable people leaving the registry due to disagreements over how it was run. We who support the proposal want them and their knowledge back.

    But don't worry, when it comes time to vote - and it will - your vote will count just like everyone else's so you can do your best to stop it from happening then. What could be more fair than that?

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    a whether or not moment....

    we all saw "mutiny on the bounty".... this is now in motion.... There was an opportunity for resolution but obviously the period of semi-silence was not used to resolve but to entrench....

    This is beyond the mere feelings of happiness and dis-ease over the operation of the board. The Board will survive ........ it is now just a matter of how much time it takes to resolve the dispute.....
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    Quote Originally Posted by LiveFromNY View Post
    Sadly, I have been left with no choice but to instruct my attorneys to take the next steps in getting us these answers.
    Really? I respect Eric L, John A, Ed Mayo, and this is what they want?

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    Gone. ————————+++++
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    Quote Originally Posted by rower View Post
    I spent a day driving 356ís with other enthusiasts to celebrate Porscheís birthday today.

    And to come back and read this.

    I still donít know what you think you are going to improve and why you feel so compelled to create change. Who is going to donate their time when Chuck leaves and what will be improved?

    Your suggestions were good. You got ignored however. . That doesnít mean you need to press it to break things.

    ďYou are left no choice but to instruct your lawyers...Ē. Really? If you need to get lawyers involved then you are in the wrong as this issue isnít that important. Why are you trying to throw your weight around? Why make this so divisive? I believe you are doing more harm than any good that will come out of this. From the posts I read many are offended by your approach. You are deciding that your views are more important and forcing an issue on everyone. To somehow get a vote and transparency - which seem just phrases in the absence of knowing what you want to change.

    Frankly you and your views just arenít that important here. (Nor are mine btw) Iím sure they will be happy to reimburse you the couple hundred dollars you spent in dues. Iíd contribute to that to make you go away happy.

    Go start another company to occupy your time. Maybe get some more Porscheís. (Um, no, donít get in to 356ís as we donít need you on that forum). Come out to California and you can go drive with me. Weíll go out in a few spectacular Porscheís - a life event for you -which will make you forget this forum stuff.

    And while I admire your loyalty to Frank he too drove people away. He should come back on probation; Iíd like that, not that my view should matter here.
    Rower why all these personal attacks? Just say you disagree with fixing the IRS problem and allowing members voting rights, pretty simple. In my opinion your post is worse than anything Frank Beck ever posted.
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    IRS problem? I don't think there ever was a problem. The live from new York guy is trying to create a problem by hiring lawyers to find a way to create an IRS problem. Is Frank beck behind the scenes here? are you guys all texting other with plots for revenge? Is this like one of those made for tv movies where the high school kid gets kicked out of the club and out of spite has his little henchmen followers who are still in the club sabotage the club?
    How embarrasing for all

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