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Thread: A Proposal to Establish Member Control of the ESR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Adore911 View Post
    Exactly. For me it is like any forum and just a forum.

    You pay a fee for the magazine and to organize/keep the site running. We get a lot of value for what is asked. Of course a lot of the value is created by the users itself and I hope this place stays alive.

    As a user you can of course give your opinions or recommendations with the intention to make the place better (technically, policy wise, (tax) risk mitigation wise, compliance wise etc). And there it stops for me. It is up to the management of the site (who have organized themselves in a legal structure they chose) to do anything with it or not. They started it and by using their offering we accept the terms and conditions. It’s their “enterprise”. If you cannot live with it, then start your own one. They will understand that some of the recommendations are indeed very valuable or even critical and need attention/follow-up.

    It is not by using Facebook that I start having any control or ownership. I am just a user who can make recommendations. If you want control/ownership then buy their shares. If you do not like Facebook, stop using it. Also on Facebook it are the users that create the value.

    I hope no enhousiast volunteer chosen by the management is hindered, even not ones with commercial links. If management decides this needs to become the SMC version of the Bird one, then it is so. I will not be happy with that, but it will not make any change in the end.

    So if you want to give your advice on the site, policies, risk etc. Go ahead and make a proposal for management. Discuss it with them. Maybe you can sell them a new site. They can organize a user board to check priorities.

    Mind that the policies and approaches are both based on legal aspects (no remarks re race, gender, politics / merchandising should be a small activity /...) and management input.

    Chuck, for me you can close this thread. On the other side it would be good to have a kind of user board. Think about it. Take your time. You’re doing a great job! If you want additional volunteers, you can make an announcement for that. It’s up to you to decide who joins or not or to decide to involve the users in a democratic way or not... I hope your enthousiasm has not been impacted negatively by the actions from the last weeks.
    Nicely stated.
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    +1. Now, back to old Porsches.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toddlaunchbaugh View Post
    Only been on here for a year. To me this site is much like the “bird” board. It is a place to go for us to share our interests in the cars. Of course, the “bird “ hopes that their forum members will buy from them.
    This site has sponsors as well and that is what they hope.

    I am not sure why any one of us think we have some ownership . This is not a club, an llc, a partnership.etc. A few guys own this “bucket” in the cloud and they allow us access to share information . This is their sandbox, let’s place nice in it

    I own a T not and S, so I am not “on the registry”. My $40-50 bucks gets me a magazine and makes a contribution for the running of the site, I don’t think that is an unjust amount so I hope that someone is making a ton of money from this board. That means they will continue to run the site and it also means that their are a lot of us out there enjoying this connection to others with same interests. Lastly it means that the sponsors think that there is a robust market For products.

    From the Board of "the Club"....The whole approach of the ESR has been a Club. A tax exempt organization that asks for "membership" and donations. Can't have it both ways. Either it is, or it isn't. We need clarity from the Board on what it is. Is it just a Forum? or is it a Club? Just provide the clarity.

    Please donate...

    This message, if you click on it, is on the top of the first four of our classified forums... Please read

    This last month is the first we've received no donations at all...

    We've kept a low profile on this because we hate to ask, because we feel this source speaks for it's self and those who enjoy and benefit will step up... even a little

    If all who view and use this board became paid yearly members of the club we wouldn't need this conversation... Unfortunately we know that's not the case....

    BTW - It's just this easy:

    Please step up and give a little back to the club that makes this happen...

    Thank you,
    The ESR
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    As a mostly invisible paying member, I don't know the backstory, and don't really need to. The proposal makes sense to me, meeting its stated goals, giving the leadership appropriate responsibility/authority, and providing members enough access for active involvement in the organization's affairs.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bummler View Post
    Excerpted from the most recent bylaws governing the club...

    B. Non-voting Memberships

    Notwithstanding the foregoing, the Board of Directors may offer non-voting “associate” or “memberships” of various types to persons that are interested in the support of the corporation and the collection and restoration of 1967 to 1973 Porsche 911s, sponsors, media representatives, officers and other interested persons, and shall charge such fees as the Board of Directors shall determine. None of the aforesaid “members” shall have voting rights, be liable for any of the Corporation’s debts, liabilities or obligations, be subject to any assessment, or shall have any right, title or interest in and to any of the property or assets of the Corporation. None of the aforesaid members shall have the right to inspect corporate records, to attend membership meetings, to receive notice or be heard on termination or suspension of membership, to transfer membership, or their right thereto, or to have any other right provided by the California Nonprofit Corporation Law, for voting “members” of Mutual Benefit Corporations. All references to “members” herein shall exclude these special members. However, these “members” shall be considered the beneficiaries of this Mutual Benefit Corporation.
    Just going to repost this one more time...sums up the "transparency" card. No voting then, no voting now, long time members who I have personally spoken to still don't want to vote and have complete faith in CM and MH.

    Not sure what year it was written? Compare it to when it was written to today, nothing has changed for me. If the IRS has a problem with the filings, CM, MH and ?? will answer for it.
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