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I had a lengthy conversation with Chuck yesterday. He appeared to me to be open and candid but I can’t provide any detail because he requested that the conversation remain private. As you know, my recommendation at this point is to slow down and meet in person. I mentioned that to him and he agreed to think about it. I will say that the conversation affected my point of view.

I originally supported JP’s simple seven point plan. As someone here said it would take an afternoon to put things together. Of course that’s in a perfect world and things are obviously not progressing smoothly for reasons I cited in an earlier post—silence on the part of the ESR and friction between members on the forum. As well as being distasteful, the friction has served to raise the temperature and accelerate the efforts and intensity to bring about change.

I agree with those who suggest it’s time to take a deep breath or two and let the boil subside a bit. And then get together face to face. There’s too much win-lose these days and I prefer not to be involved in one. But I do believe there is a win-win here if executed properly by everyone involved.
Thanks John. You say that you originally supported it. Are you saying you no longer support it? How has your point of view changed? Just a timing issue? or fundamentally?