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Thread: A Proposal to Establish Member Control of the ESR

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    Quote Originally Posted by Simonjjb View Post
    do you think, beyond being sad, that the proposals are bad ?
    Na Not At All,,

    Thinking that,, "the cat has swallowed its tongue,,, and the budgie", SJ on this aspect.

    Most importantly though is that the forum has been as will remain 'exactly that'.

    A fantastic forum that covers its arse by membership contributions and one that it's members should have a "say or vote" on who has the right to emit, edit or terminate not only a 'post' but the individual completely , not to mention total clarity of it financial and 'inhouse policies"..

    I dont want to see 'public stoning's' reintroduced nor do I feel that a single person should yield total power of 'our' forum.

    Mugabe was the end of an era and I am grateful for that.

    Clarity and transparency in the Boards commitments to us as paying members creates an 'open' playground for the likeminded and it's subject simpatico family to express, advise and educate within.

    ESR is going to go through change and that is normal.

    The 935 factory poster " There are leaders and there are followers' does not always apply but the foundation laid by those that have been 'corner stones'
    of ESR have my respect for being Porschasites.

    Good night to all.

    God Bless.

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    It saddens me that people think that asking for a civilized discussion about introducing some transparency about how our beloved forum and registry is run, and perhaps changing the involvement of the paid membership is perceived as ‘tearing itself apart’.
    How can it be wrong to ask to have a discussion?
    On another point, in any volunteer role I’ve had, I’ve always been looking to increase the engagement with others and getting people to be more active in the running of the organization so they appreciate the effort that goes into maintaining the smooth running of the organization. I have never experienced a board that is obviously over-stretched reduce the number of the board and resist the help of others. To me, that doesn’t make sense.
    I don’t want to do anything but help to make this forum and the ESR stronger and healthier and have a more vibrant future.
    Our passion is already quite marginal (look at the number of paying members) - it would be insane to try to fragment it!
    So, let’s have an open and fair discussion amongst paying members.

    Quote Originally Posted by ejboyd5 View Post
    Another site had a comment that ESR was in the process of tearing itself apart. Until reading this post I was blissfully unaware of potentially existential conflict. Thanks for moving the issue out of "Off Topic" to a place where it can be considered by all who may be concerned.
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    @ Jim Amato

    He was easily ignored.....but I like the nickname
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    Hi, thanks for your effort.

    Point 1 to 5 looks reasonable and will bring clarity for the future. Nevertheless, there is a need to clearly distinguish between "the club" and "the forum" ... for the latter, the complex procedures hinted at point 6 looks a little bit overkilling to me ... especially when we think to a forum with thousands of registered members and volunteer moderator(s). Point 7 ok, with the caviat above.

    Following the evolution with interest and optimism.


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    Nice work John, please add me to the list.

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    When I got married my minister said he had just one piece of advice for us: “Always keep communicating honestly.”. It’s worked for 52 years so far.

    Why am I telling you this? There’s another word for honest communication - transparency. So often a lack of communication, a lack of openness, a lack of transparency, leads to conflict. If the ESR had been open and transparent from the beginning this kerfuffle would have never occurred. When folks aren’t open with you it’s just human nature for us to suspect that something is being hidden, perhaps an agenda.

    John’s proposed changes are to me simple, logical, non-disruptive — and much needed. They will make us a tighter group as member involvement is increased. They will also give us a solid position to defend from should a serious situation arise, such as what happened at the 356 Registry.

    It usually requires a catalyst of some kind to foment change. I’m very happy that this could be the outcome of our little period of friction. So I’m willing to help.

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    With his approval, I just added Russell Hibbard's name to the members supporting this proposal. Other members who wish to add their name and share their support publicly can message me and I'll be happy to add them as well.
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    Quote Originally Posted by LongRanger View Post
    Instead --- it's come to this . . . Old Men arguing about The Rules
    Who's old?
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    I don't understand why having clear governance of a non-profit is such a point of conflict.
    We all are joined together by our love of these old cars. This has always been a great place to exchange information on these cars. It would be a shame to see it disappear at some point because of a lack of a clear and open succession plan. Three old guys*, sitting around selecting buddies to substitute each other is not exactly the best procedure. We now have members from all over the world, some of whom have skills that would be very useful to the organization.
    By broadening the board, having term limits and making us true Members of this organization we assure the future of this site.
    Why is anyone afraid of democracy and transparency?

    * by the way I think I'm in the same age group as at least two of the current directors.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mrar View Post
    if it's not broken don't fix it.
    That's interesting.

    Jorge, why don't you take this as an opportunity to jump in and explain exactly how "broke" the ESR was when you joined and how much is left to be done? The content of our blunt conversation yesterday, and the specific details regarding the condition of the ESR that led to you joining the board, will be eye-opening to many of the members.
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