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Thread: The '67S in Montana Shed

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    The '67S in Montana Shed

    Hello Early Porsche 911 fans,
    My name is Steve and I am the eBay auction winner of the Slate Gray '67S Coupe that was stored in that "custom shed" in Montana for the past 26 years. I went to Montana to finalize the deal with the rancher that has owned the car for the past 30 years. He had decided stop driving the car and store it until he had the money to "fix it up". That day never came and he wanted to buy more cattle so he decided the time has come to let the car go.

    The car is complete and in quite good shape considering where it's been most it's life. Luckily the climate is dry which allowed it to survive.

    I have been involved with Porsche cars for the past 7 years but am new to early 911's and am really excited and feel very fortunate to have acquired this car.
    It is now being transported to Jeff Gamroth's new shop in Sherwood, Oregon - Rothsport Road & Race - for initial evaluation and to see what surprises are in store.

    My plan is to restore this car completely with Jeff's help on all the mechanicals. My son and I will be managing the project (and wrenching a bit) and will be asking for a lot of help from the Early 911 community and especially the great people who love these cars here at the Registry. I will be posting updates and photos during the process and I will have lot's of questions I'll be asking to make sure I get this car "right". We intend to keep this car in our family.

    I've already had some contact with members and vendors and really appreciate the encouragement they are giving me.

    I'm confident that this will turn out to be a very rewarding experience for us. I hope I don't wear out my welcome here too soon!
    Thanks to everyone in advance for your patience with me.

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    Can you provide a link? Congratulations. Sounds like a great car. And welcome...

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    Hey Steve, welcome. I'll see your car at Jeff's. It's in good hands.
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    Congratulations Steve.

    Discussed here starting in Post 770

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    From the auction . . .

    '. . . HISTORY: I purchased this vehicle approximately 30 years ago with the intentions of restoring this car. I have previously owned several older Porsches but consider myself a nonprofessional mechanic or body man. An appreciation for these vehicles was gained while I served in the military in Germany during the early 1970's. At the time of purchase, the vehicle was in a state of mechanical disrepair but looked very promising as a historical restoration candidate. My intentions where to restore this car as time and money became available. The vehicle looked not too dissimilar from what it does today. Outside of some questionable cosmetics such as bad paint jobs, the vehicle seems to be very original. Hopefully I can convey what is known about this vehicle to aid in bidding. Since this was a project car I started slowly with the restoration but never finished. Approximately 26 years ago the car was put into a storage shed of which it still remains. The car is covered and stored off of the ground with the motor turned over by hand on a regular basis.


    A. PAINT: The original paint color of SLATE GREY #6601 is still on most of the car. This paint is covered by a couple of questionable paint jobs of paint over paint. What is shown in the photos is an inferior black color over the SLATE GREY color. The paint tag photo shows the original color.

    B. BODY: The body does have some dents and dings. There is a noticeable 6 inch dent in the right rear fender. The front bumper has a ding. The right front fender has been replaced. The rear deck lid was repaired after a questionable fiberglass ducktail was removed. It appears that this car originally had a set of bumper guards front and rear. There is some rust or corrosion of the front pan under the battery. The underside of the car seems to be fairly solid. There is some damage around the right side jack receiver. The rims are not original but early 5 1/2 inch Fuchs. Hopefully the photos will show these short comings.

    C. INTERIOR: The interior of black leatherette seems to be original. The seats are in great shape. The dash has minor cracks. The headliner is original but needs attention There is a AM FM radio. The dashboard gauges are in German. PLEASE NOTE: The speedometer reads 42415 Kilometers not miles.

    D. ENGINE & TRANSMISSION: The engine and transmission appear to be original to the car. The transmission #104051 901.02 was rebuilt by a local Porsche mechanic. This was part of a mechanical problem when I first purchased the car. The first gear syncro was replaced as well as a new clutch installed. The engine# 961033 appears to be correct. The engine ran strong when placed into storage and still turns freely. I never got into the engine but believe it to have its original interior parts such as the original chain tensioners. The carburetors are the correct Weber 40 IDS 3C & 40 IDS 3C1. The engine has scratches on some of its numbers. The engine case number is 901.02 # 7570 . . .

    Sold = $77.6k

    59 bids
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    You will have a great experience with Jeff and the guys at Rothsport. I worked with them this summer on a car that was bought out west.

    Best of luck
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    Found it

    Looks like you might have stolen this one

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    Enjoy the process, Gamroth and his crew are solid.
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    Hi Steve
    Welcome to the Board and thanks for sharing your new project: I look forward to reading the updates over the coming months!
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    Congratulations Left Foot.

    Nice score......

    looks like it should be a fun project with little negative in way of cosmetics. (other than the current suit of clothes )

    Looks like m****m sure was gonna buy it on 100 dollar bids , till he apparently ran his money bag dry.

    It was still a good deal for you ..... all the BEST
    Best Regards,
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