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Thread: Introducing 9113310083

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    Introducing 9113310083

    Hey guys, I figured its about time I shared the story and some pics on the latest acquisition.

    Back in my senior year of high school (2007), I had a couple 2002's I was working on. A friend in my class mentioned that his dad had an old black Porsche in the garage. At this point I knew very little about 911's, my only experience with them having been stripping this Karmann '71E:

    So I gave his dad a call and found out he didn't own the car, but was working on it for someone else. That was the last time I thought about the car until a few months ago. For some reason, I remembered hearing about that old Porsche, and wanted to find out what happened to it. I thought I remembered my friend's dad saying it was a black '73S targa, but wasn't positive. Asking my friend what it was got me nowhere, he didn't know what year or model it was. He did however tell me that the owner of the car had taken it back, and he had no idea where it was. He did remember the owner, the wife of a prominent Wichita businessman and family. One of his nephews owned an import dealer, so I assumed he would have known about the Porsche.

    Many many phone calls (they had a very common last name) later, after talking to about every member of their family who had no clue about the car, finally resulted in talking to the owner's son, who had the car in his landscaping shop in Wichita. He thought the car was an 80's 911, so I kind of gave up on it. He told me I was welcome to come take a look at it whenever I wanted though, the car wasn't running, and he wasn't interested in doing anything with it.

    Fast foward a few months to Christmas break. My wife and I drove up to Wichita from Corpus Christi. Typically our visits are totally booked with family member, but somehow I ended up with a free afternoon, and found myself driving toward the guy's shop in my 2002. Sadly, I got there at 5:00 on a Friday, the Friday before Christmas. The owner was gone, and the receptionist was not very helpful when I told her I had permission to view the car. I finally found someone leaving the shop and got him to let me in. After wandering around a bit in the dark, I found this:

    Awesome! A longhood 911S with some nice 80's mods. No engine... I did open the door to read the paint tag: 936 - silver metallic. Could be worse.

    I had the guy let me out of the shop, and called the owner's son later that night. He said I could come back the next morning and one of his employees let me in. He also said what he had of the engine was in another corner of the shop. I took a closer look this time, and found the car in really great shape. Very little rust, unlike my other 911's. I found the original tool kit in the trunk, and what seemed to be the unmounted original spare Fuch. In the engine pile, I found no case, and dirty Webers instead of the original mfi . But the red shroud was there, and heads and cams were the original S pieces. Apparently my friend's dad had been in the process of rebuilding the engine, which never happened, the owner got tired of waiting, and finally had the car and whatever else he could find that looked like it came from it brought home.

    After the second visit, I called him back, and we agreed on a very reasonable price, and we called a tow truck. Here are some pics of it leaving:

    I found a brand new clutch, new JE 9.5:1 S pistons, and some type of new cylinders. The 915 is from '73, but at some point, someone ground its number off:

    I will post more pics later, my dad is working on the car in Kansas while I'm back in Texas.
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    Dad pulled the pedal box, and is reassembling it now after powder coating everything.

    Here is the worst of the rust we found. Not sure if the front spoiler is saveable... I don't know who thought riveting stuff on the bottom was a good idea.

    Nothing too fancy on the COA, but it should be a fun car. We did find the crank buried in my high school friend's garage, but we've had no luck tracking down the case. Included with the car was the original service record, and I tracked down the original owner in Arizona and gave him a call. His dad bought it new for him from Art Bunker Porsche Audi, after he went there wanting to buy a 914-6. He said his dad paid $10,500 in Aug of 72 for it. He almost lost his license due to tickets in the car, so he traded it in for a Bug 2 years later. Big change.

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    Looks like a good project and a nice color too!

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    That's a nice project. Looks pretty good. Whats the interior like?

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    very nice find! I look forward to seeing your progress on the car.

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    Hey, JC . . .

    Welcome aboard

    And thank you for joining us and showing us your car. Please keep it coming --- especially the pictures

    Man --- I'm lovin' all these new-to-us Longhood projects that You Guys are sharing, here! It's exactly this kinda stuff that makes Our Little Corner special

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    Just realized I put the wrong VIN on the title, oops. The car is 9113310083, like the COA says.

    Here are some more pics. Not sure that speedo is original...

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    That speedo is not original but it is a special one...
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    Quote Originally Posted by beh911 View Post
    That speedo is not original but it is a special one...
    More like wishful thinking
    Yep, those 180 mph speedos were rare, as were the cars they were to be found in.
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    Well, thats the speedo that is in it, so its staying for now! The pedal box is ready to go in, with a shiny new master cylinder. Dad is rebuilding the calipers now. It appears this car may have had AC at some point, because someone cut out the sheet metal between the passengers foot and the smugglers box. This will have to be fixed. Have not found much rust, there was some surface rust near the pedal box, this has been wire wheeled and POR'ed.

    If anyone out there has spare 1) Steel S bumper, or 2) 633xxxx 911/53 case, please let me know! This bumper is in bad shape, and I'm having no luck coaxing the location of the original case out the PO, as much as I want to find it.

    Have you guys found the original battery straps to be the best way to fit the batteries? The bottom straps are rusted solid to the pan, trying to figure out what to do here. Also, is it generally best just to assemble the shifter back to normal, or do some guys do the factory short shift kit? I'm missing a bunch of the parts anyway, looks like he took it all apart to rebuild, then lost half of them. Awesome.

    Thanks for your help,


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