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Thread: Show Me Your Vintage P Dealer Plate Frames.

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    Looking for a Chick Iverson Porsche trim ring.....


    Eric Linden

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    How about the one and only real Porsche personalized California plate to wrap it around?
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    John Gray

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    Looks like Peter & Sheryl Dunkels Carrera 2 'bubble car' ... they keep it in one of those air bubble car covers in their museum... wonderful car

    I'm still look'n for an original Circle Porsche/Audi - Long Beach frame...
    Chuck Miller
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    Forget those Ohio guys, the Stoddard frame you have deserves to be on a car that was actually restored and brought back to it original condition there!
    I might be able to think of one.


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    maybe not a full resto, but mine had a total repaint & body work (ie any dings or minor rust repairs), suspension completley gone through to be made like new there in 84
    Harry Hoffman
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    Darn, you got me!


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    Tom, how 'bout that Stoddard frame for the one-and-only plate in Vermont?!
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    Zitronengelb (Canary Yellow) R1012

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    another Vasek frame

    Looks like SWB SAM's frame is one from the early days.

    Mine is from the last days of the dealership. I went there to get a t-shirt, which were all sold out. The parts guy gave me a frame. He told me to "hold on to it"
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    hood crest

    The original dealer plate frame got me thinking.
    How many cars still have the original crest on the hood? I know there are alot of repros, I know one NOS went for some serious money
    How common is the original crest today?
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    Ray Crawford
    Early S Registry #271
    R Gruppe #255
    '70 911 S Coupe 2.9 w/MFI Twin Plug "Flairs n Chairs"
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    no pic on file...but yeah, I have the original crest...don't think it's ever been off the car.
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