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Thread: Upgrades What Is Acceptable?

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    Changing VIN tags...VERY UNACCEPTABLE to ALL groups, including law enforcement.
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    I think Randy Wells put it well. I'd add the "period correct" as intermediate on the gradient he identified. And I do think it's a gradient, not a polarity. We could also add an "anything goes" racer as distinct from an Rgruppe type person.

    I enjoy looking at the concours cars, but I'm far from wanting to do what they do...

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    Quote Originally Posted by dhopkins
    Only updated chain tensioners are acceptable. Everything else should be original.
    And some don't agree with that How about solid tensioners?

    I guess, what ever you can return to original if you want.
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    I also agree with Randy Wells. I have done things to my S to upgrade it including period correct Scheel seats, lowering, suspension upgrades, etc. To many out there, these things would reduce the value of the car. If I was a potential buyer, they woud at least increase the appeal, if not the value to me. Considering that my car is not too original anyway, Im not that concerned.

    Now, think about this scenario. Lets say someone has a matching numbers S and would like to put RS steel flares on it. Would this be a bad idea like Milt suggested? Now, what if the car in question had the quarter panels replaced in its past for repair work anyway? Does it matter now? All other things equal, how much would those RS flares affect the value of this less that premium car at resale?

    So many little variables out there
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    Dave, if done well, I don't know that adding RS flares would reduce the value as much as they would limit your number of potential buyers. You'd have to find a guy who wanted RS flares in the first place, and you'd eliminate those who didn't want them. Previous body work, like quarter panels? Well, any car that has been damaged, then repaired, would also scare away buyers. Bottom line, the less "stories" the car has, the higher it's price will be.
    Paul D. Early S Registry #8 - Cyclops Minister of West Coast Affairs
    "Now, to put a water-cooled engine in the rear and to have the radiator in the front, that's not very intelligent." -Ferry Porsche (PANO, Oct. 1973)

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    So what you are saying is that nicer cars are worth more? I never made the connection hmmmmmm....

    The point with the hypothetical was that there are only so many virgin unmolested cars left out there and they are trading for crazy money.
    For the rest of us that own more "average" cars with wear, tear and repair, at what point does originality become irrelevant. The high rollers are not going to buy cars with repair history (repaints, rust repair, etc) anyway, so at that point do the modifications actually add value since the people who would be looking at a non-perfect car could probably be more into the hot-rods?
    Another hypothetical I considered. Would a quality ST replica be worth more based on an S as opposed to a T?

    I dont think that these are questions that can be answered with any authority since selling any car is essentially about timing and finding the right buyer. Fun to kick the ideas around though.
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    Without getting to philosophical here, life's short, do what you want. For me, there are 2 kinds of cars:

    Category 1 - those with original factory paint, original factory-built engine, etc. and only minor maintenance-related upgrades and/or repairs.

    Category 2 - everything else. If you have a Category 2 car, you can modifiy it to mimic a category 1 car or you can modify into a 'hotrod'. Probably not much difference in relative value. Both are modified and both are still Category 2.

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    Guys, but what about the Carrera RS? Almost if not all of these cars(especially the lightweights) were rally or race cars and have had many crashes or fender benders, blown engines and rebuilt trans, and have been fixed many times over and it doesn't seem to affect their value at all. Oh and I don't mean LeMans race history either, I'm just trying to say that these cars were work horses(they were driven hard,yes even abused), and many if not all have or had rust and bondo repairs, and don't have thinner glass anymore, and they still go for big bucks. They all have been repainted and some not to the original color or even restored to original built sheet. Alot of tourings have been converted to lightweights, and some RS's have been converted to RSR's. I do notice though that they don't have pressure chain tensioner update kits or carbs for that matter(well now that I think about it I'm sure some were coverted to carbs) . As of right now it seems that whats acceptable with the RS is different than with the S. Isn't the 911S's the next best thing to a RS, or was this an unfair analogy(comparison)? Something to think about with our cars (S,E,T). JIM
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    My two cents worth is that period correct modifications or some mechanical items (i.e. chain tensioner, turbo tie rods) keep it in the acceptable enthusiast "box". If your in a concours world thatís a whole other deal.
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    67 911: old vs. new style front suspension??

    OK, good thread, and here's my own dilemna that I'd appreciate your collective opinion....

    I've got an unmolested 67 911, tangerine, no sunroof, 4spd, s-brakes. I'm going to try and keep it as period correct as possible, within reason. the question is: should I rebuild the existing front suspension or replace / upgrade to the latter year version?

    all opinions welcome....thanks!


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