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Thread: Spotless Car Wash Systems???

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    Spotless Car Wash Systems???

    What's everyone's opinion about the spotless water systems or deionized water systems for car washing? There's a company that advertises in Excellence.

    Water pressure is one issue, is there enough of it?

    Then there's the issue of it getting expensive because material that treats 100 gallons of water costs about $37. How many washes does this translate to?

    Can anyone recommend a particular product/company?

    Geoff Garrett

    Early S Registry #913

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    Bad water there? Meaning, leaves lots of mineral deposits after you wash?
    I've never heard of this product/system, but I have heard of people fanatical enough to rinse their cars with distilled H20....
    Paul D. Early S Registry #8 - Cyclops Minister of West Coast Affairs
    "Now, to put a water-cooled engine in the rear and to have the radiator in the front, that's not very intelligent." -Ferry Porsche (PANO, Oct. 1973)

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    I just go to the local do-it-yourself carwash. My car never spots and I never use a towel.
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    spotless and shiny

    Good topic I know a bit about it, my company produces car wash chemicals based on Nano-Technology over here in Switzerland and we sell to the big guys like DaimlerChrysler (for e.g. the final touch on their Maybach) or Würth. Whatever water you use, if you don't dry the car, you get spots. Even after using the best chemicals on Mother Eart (i.e. our "Vison Supershine" stuff. Ok ok, I know that sounds like a commercial) you end up with water spots on a car that hasn't been dried with a cotton towel or leather. It's the minerals etc. in the water, not the chemicals. I own several classic Porsche and never wax or polish them. No kidding. I just wash them with our shampoo that cleans and protects (longtime) at the same time. Additionally, one gets up to 100% more shine on older paint (proofen by independent institutes and DaimlerChrysler). There are "wash and wax" products out there that claim the same, but 99% of them are wax based which means that after a few days out in the sun etc, the shine and "protection" of even the best wax is gone.... The only thing left on the paint then is some unwanted, sticky residue of broken down wax. Then you wash again, wax again, wash again, wax again etc etc. I rather drive or service my cars than wash them all the time.... Wax is ok but has only a very short life span. Important: Cars will get dirty again with our stuff too (there is no such thing as a "selfcleaning surface" yet), but will be much easier to clean. And the paint will always look like freshly polished and waxed. Anyway, whatever shampoo you use, never in the sun, never on a hot car, never without drying.

    BTW: Did I mention that we should be able to supply you with free samples from our partner in Oregon soon? Seeing is believing :-)
    Mike, member #841

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    The product i've seen is like a scuba tank, it connects between the hose bib and the hose. As the water passes through it, the minerals are removed. The demo shows the person washing their car and then letting it air dry or in the sun.

    Sure, downsides would be, you couldn't drive the car right away, you'd have to let it dry.
    Second, if there's road dust in the air, it would stick to a wet car.

    The device is $200 and maintenance would be $37/100 gallons.

    I'm guessing each car wash would be 25-30 gallons, sound right?
    Geoff Garrett

    Early S Registry #913

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    I've used the Mr Clean system and it works great, no drying....$39.00 Auto Zone.
    S Registry #825
    73.5 Dalmatian Blue

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    Is the Mr Clean system a small device that goes on the hose, in place of the nozzle?
    How many washes is it good for?
    Geoff Garrett

    Early S Registry #913

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    Griots Garage has a item as well.

    The spotless car wash I run my truck through does an awesome job. The last thing that is sprayed on does something like water off a duck's back!
    Plus, I get a fine undercarriage wash in the deal to get off the cow crap, dead animals and mud.


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    I read reviews on the mr clean product and I read the description for the griots garage item. They both seem to prevent water spots by preventing water beading; it seems like apply a sheet of water.

    I wonder if that's the same as treating the water to remove the minerals??

    The reviews of mr clean are mixed, i'm guessing there's still going to be some towel time for each car wash.
    Geoff Garrett

    Early S Registry #913

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    No, it isn't. Preventing beading uses a chemical to reduce the surface tension of the water. This used to be used in the rinses for photo papers back in the day.

    Removing minerals is done by filtration with sometimes some chemicals added to help that along.

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