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Thread: 906/Carrera 6/911R motors - characteristics

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    [QUOTE=ErVikingo]OliveR what are those collectors going to the megaphones???? Heater boxes or some trick exhaust?

    These are our 906 SSI repro megaphones,no heater boxes,see pics of originals i've found.
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    Harold ..Cosley.. I am interested in the case and heads

    I am interested in the case and Twin plug heads..

    call me at (310) 456-8833 or Email to



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    My intentions are to build a very hot but streetable 2.0. I consider the 'S' cam too mild for my tastes (I know, I am sick) and find the low end characteristics of the 'S' cam too much of a compromise toward streetability. I could deal with more finickiness from my motor on the low end than the 'S' spec motors. Off the line torque is for sissies. I realize my definition of streetable might be different than most people's. RennTyp's posting pretty much summed it up for me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pu911rsr
    I know the vintage 2L guys are getting very big HP from 2L motors, I have heard as much as 270 +, may be all BS. But these are high strung and expensive grenades.
    270+ sounds like BS to me too (and I know as I own one of those hand granades...). Try 20-30HP less than that depending on how many hours and other minor details
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    Have to second Chuck's observations about Steven's S/T...

    Drove it for a bit last summer and was blown away with how good the small-displacement motors can be at a high state of tune. For me, it was a real eye-opener because I (personally) tend to prefer the preference characteristics of the T and E motors over the S on the street.

    Childs' car is a BLAST to drive, maybe the best set-up early 911 motor and chassis I've been privileged to drive. It just FEELS good...I walked away thinking that someone, somewhere had spent a lot of time fettling that engine -- perfectly.

    Now, I think a lot of that car's satisfaction is derived from the gearing, which should probably be addressed here, too. My guess is it wouldn't have been nearly as keen, bright, and speedy had it been saddled with normal street gears...

    But I am working off memory here. Steven?


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    You're absolutely right ... the gear box matches the performance and manner of the Gulf's T/R motor perfectly

    If I remember, Stephen's gearing is very 'close' but not too 'short' ...

    Like everything else on the car it's very well sorted out... and probably took a bunch of development time to do the job that well...

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    So a question for Stephen then: what are the gears (letters) are you running? Inquiring minds want to know.
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    How much does Stephen's S/T weigh? Might have a bearing on the perceived power and response. I'll wager it's lighter than stock.


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    Gearing and weight are definitely at work here. I suspect it's a lot lighter than most early 911s. I'm guessing -- and only guessing -- it starts with a 2 and a 0, maybe less?

    Steven mentioned the weight of the car that day, and I remember being impressed. That particular S/T is silly good to drive. Back to back with Carrera GT and no disappointments...

    Am I conveying how much I like that car yet?


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    Here is some printed info on this motor. Boschen, Lothar and Jurgen Barth. THE PORSCHE BOOK: A DEFINITIVE ILLUSTRATED HISTORY. 1978. Argo Books.

    906 Carrera-6 Engine (901/20) p. 445-46:
    engine weighed 119 lb. less than the stock 911 engine
    crankcase was cast in Mg instead of in Al
    flywheel was lightened from 6 kg to 3.5 kg
    Ti connecting rods were used (440 g) instead of the forged steel rods (550 g)
    Mahle pistons were Al alloy forgings, and the light alloy cylinders had porous Cr plated bores

    - What I want to know is how did they take 120 lbs. off of a stock motor?? Was it just the flywheel & heat exchangers or were some special wt. saving ticks used internally? The conn. rods save some wt. but not a huge amount. The items listed in the text above just don't add up to that big a wt. reduction.

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