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Thread: 1969 911S: why the black sheep?

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    1969 911S: why the black sheep?

    Why is it that '69 Esses command the least amount of interest out there? While the 2.0 doesn't have the feel of the 70/71 2.2, I thought it was supposed to be the "rawest" of the bunch (if that makes sense). Just curious because it seems this particular year doesn't command lofty levels on the value/interest scale...just an observation- any theories out there?
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    a case could be made they are the best of the LWB with aluminum engine lid, lic. plate panel, hi rev. 2.0, 901, deep 6's amd being the first of the LWB models. swb's are going through the roof and the earlier the better except for 67S. So I vote for 69S as the best it ever waz. here we go again
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    I don't think the '69S had the aluminum decklid. The aluminum decklik came on the '70-71 cars. However that said, never discount the '69S.

    The '69S is the first "S" with MFI. With 9.9 CR it produced 170 HP and comes up on those fabulous S cams like a race car. A good friend of mine owns an original '69S. I'm lucky enough to have both a '67S and a '73S (bought many years ago). I can tell you that on spirited runs his 2.0L MFI '69S gives up nothing to either of my "S" cars and at 100+ it will outrun a 3.2 Carrera.

    The '69S is a fabulous car. If you can buy one cheaper than other "S" cars go for it. You'll be getting a bargain.


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    another 'yes' vote for the 69 MY cars, here's my 69E:
    Cheers, Ryan
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    Just wait.

    The world will wake up to the fact that the 2 liter 'S' was the only truly race bred 'S'. Look at the engine specs. This car has the same port and intake diameter as the RS and a dual solenoid MFI pump that no other car got. This car was the first and most unrestrained of the MFI Esses.

    There will be a day when the '69S will be the most valuable of all the Esses and not just because of the reasons I stated above. It's a numbers thing. There are so few good '69 Esses left in good shape (compared to the rest) due to so many being coverted to racing due to vintage rules. Many are either totaly clapped out, wadded up so far past original, that a good '69 is hard to come by.

    Just wait.
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    Lets not forget the brakes also, same calipers that were run for years on the hi perf 911's all the way up to the Turbo's.

    But you are right, they are worthless. I'll do you a favor and will buy any of them out there
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    Finally! Gettin some respect for the 69's...
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    FYI, on my 69S, 119300093, the engine lid is aluminum, as is the license plate panel.
    Restoration is scheduled to start "any day".
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    Quote Originally Posted by 69S-S/R
    FYI, on my 69S, 119300093, the engine lid is aluminum, as is the license plate panel.
    Restoration is scheduled to start "any day".
    Tom Scott
    69S S/R
    Are you certain it is original? BTW, my car is 119300030. Very close! Is your car US or Euro delivery?
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    I am not sure where the car was delivered, all indications are, from prior owners but not back to the original, it was a US delivery. COA make no mention of where delivered, only Production Date 11/13/68, Engine 639065, Transmission 7190425, Burgandy Red/6808.

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