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Thread: 71E wheel wells color

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    71E wheel wells color

    Were the wheel wells and underside of the 71E painted body color or black or???

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    black-73 was body color
    Bill Woods
    S Registry #1005

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    Thank you Bill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WM711
    black-73 was body color
    I thought that the last black tar undercoated cars were in 69, and that the cars went to body color/no color undersides with the advent of the PVC undercoating in 69 or 70. Take a look at this very original 71 that was recently up on ebay:

    I am pretty sure that engine bays and rocker panels were painted black through 72, and that the rocker panels were still painted black through 73. (Actually, so was the area behind the horn grilles.)
    Tom F.
    Long Beach, CA

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    My '70E clearly hs no body color in the wheel wells. The silver car looks to have silver paint on top of black. Looks like a respray.
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    I researched this via questions here a few months ago.73 black rocker to pinch weld, body color underside, body color fender wells. 71 black everywhere.

    73 not mine
    Bill Woods
    S Registry #1005

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    Bill, was the black paint on the 2.2 liter cars applied on top of body color?
    Tom F.
    Long Beach, CA

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    Wheel wells on my 2nd owner 71E (43K orig), are black over body color.

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    My understanding is that 70 models were finished in the following order:

    1) Primer over bare metal
    2) Greyish beige undercoating was sprayed in the engine bay and the undersides.
    3) Body painted body colour
    4) Black paint was applied in the wheel wells and engine compartment

    There is a bit of confusion out there because the 1970 model brochure shows the cars getting a black tar-like undercoating applied by brush over body colour (but I think the pictures are of earlier 1969 models on the line)

    Andrew M

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    Thank gents....I'm glad I thought to double check.

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