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Thread: Land Rover Defender fans

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    Talking Land Rover Defender fans

    Original post.....
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    I'm also a fan. Have a 97 Defender 90 Limited Edition Willow Green. Roof rack, checker plate on front fenders, ladder. Great car. Lives in the country, 26k miles. Yours is beautiful - great condition! WRETCHED gas mileage!
    Like everyone else in NY, I also have black supercharged Range Rover for everyday.
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    I'm a huge Defender fan.

    I agree - nice 1997 Defender 90 NAS SW Raj, and it's in great condition!

    Here's my old '94 Defender 90 NAS soft top at the Solihull Nationals, Ouray, CO in 2001. We drove all the way out from Vermont. The photos are from dropping down into Telluride, from 14,000 ft el. Black Bear Pass trail, gnarly off-roading.
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    Defender not photographable usually. Lives in mini-storage during the week. Drive P car upstate, swap at mini-storage, and take Rover to house (3 mile dirt road) Defender is ALWAYS covered in mud and dirt and dog hair except when being cleaned to check undercarriage for deterioration. I sort of like it looking like it just finished Paris Dakar.
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    I have had two 1994s: a portofino red ST and a conniston green POE hardtop I converted to ST and have a hybrid 1993 NAS 110/1964 dormobile in a very lengthy process of being built . . . in addition to the other three land rovers floating around my house (51 SI 80" (collecting parts), 59 SII 88" (restored) and the 1995 range rover classic lwb). I also owned a 1984 RHD carbed V8 110. See the story here:

    The defenders are silly money for what you are buying, but you can get a lot of the feel and all of the frustration by purchasing a range rover classic for 1/10th the money. I love my 1995 LWB. It is the best rover I have owned of the 16 or so that have passed through my hands.

    I know there are more than a few defender folks who are early porsche fans.


    edit: is the source for defender fun.

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    Not for the squeamish

    Ron,I have driven those roads when I lived in Colorado and my a. sphincter was always in a constricted status. Beautiful shots!
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    Hi All,

    This seems odd replying to a Defender 110 post as my first post on the early 911 board. But Defender owners must stick together and share experiences! I have a couple of Defenders which I keep in South Africa. A 1997 with a 2.8 BMW motor and a new 2008 5-cly turbo diesel. We use these for off-roading and safari’s in Southern Africa. Great stuff. Here are a few photos…

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    Sorry - photo's did not post...not sure how to turn on "IMG Code" ?
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    You guys make me feel better about my 14 mpg daily driver, a 2003 Discovery. I keep thinking about the absurdity of driving a 7 passenger vehicle as a commuter. Nonetheless it is great for the mean street [read potholes] of Philadelphia.
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    Over priced beyond believe.
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