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Thread: Ultimate ST thread

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    911 030 0990

    911 030 0990 not a Werks car but probably made as an ST at the factory as the first pictures of it are with it still on export (Zoll) plates looking like an ST

    original registration 428 Z 9361 (zoll plate)
    registration LH-36-76 Portugal
    first owner Américo Nunes

    still in Portugal 2008

    brand new, still on export plates (x2)
    competition as LH-36-76
    more recent
    recent photo in Portugal
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    Hugh Hodges
    73 911E
    Melbourne Australia

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    Quote Originally Posted by HughH View Post

    do you have details of driver etc for this?

    I have a number of pics of that event - maybe??

    The records I have show car #8 coming second in the 200 Meilen von Nürnberg, Int. ADAC-Norisring-Rennen (Grand-Tourisme-Wagen Gruppen 3 und 4), on that day but the driver and entrant as Heinz-Jörgen Dahmen (D) in a Porsche 911S.
    I thought that Bartels had the car at that time.

    Also at that event was what looks like a sister car car #7 entered and driven by Thomas Datzmann (D)

    Here is another pic of car #8 on that day, you can just see it behind car #4 (Günter Schulte (D) entered by Hülpert Racing Team who eventually came third) and one of car #7 in the pits and another of the pits on that day.

    In the last pic car #29 is listed as an "S" driven by Alfred Kunze (D) and entered by Equipe Liqui Moly and car #21 is listed as a "T" driven and entered by Wilhelm Siegle (D)

    Hgo posted some more pictures of car #8 here
    200 Meilen von Nürnberg, Int. ADAC-Norisring-Rennen
    August 6, 1972

    Gruppen 3 - GT 2000
    1st - #21 - Wilhelm Siegle(D)/ - 911T - 1991cc - B6
    3rd - #29 - Alfred Kunze(D)/Equipe Liqui Moly - 911S - 1991cc - B6
    5th - #25 - Pino Logrippo(I)/Inter IAS Team Castrol - 911S - 1991cc - B6
    6th - #27 - Ludwig Schoberth(D) - 911T - 1991cc - B6

    Gruppen 4 - GT +2000
    2nd - #8 - Heinz-Jürgen Dahmen(D) - 911S - 2492cc - B6
    3rd - #4 - Günter Schulte(D)/Hülpert Racing Team - 911ST - 2494cc - B6
    4th - #9 - Karl-Heinz Gerner(D)/Porsche Club Nürnberg - 911S - 2492cc - B6
    5th - #11 - Jürgen Krzikalla(D)/Hülpert Racing Team- 911S - 2492cc - B6
    6th - #10 - Hans Grossmann(D)/Motor Club Stuttgart - 911T - 2492cc - B6
    7th - #7 - Thomas Datzmann(D) - 911S - 2492cc - B6
    9th - #13 - Eugen Kiemele(D) - 911 - 2492cc - B6
    Glenn Stazak

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    from Le Mans Classic 2008

    I have another pictures more accurate if it is necessary.


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    This photo just popped up on a link from Pelican. Picture was taken during a '72 factory visit.

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    Carl Bauer - OBP
    1979 RoW 911SC - 2004 996.2 GT3
    1969 Subaru 360 -1969 Winkelmann WDF-1 FF - 2016 KTM RC390

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    Quote Originally Posted by gms View Post
    From Panorama 1/96 P109
    "Info leading to 1972 safety yellow 911 2.5 race car #9112300921, eng
    #6622030, gear box #120016, former IMSA GTU car #51, Johnson-Bozzani
    sponsored, later painted white wired details."

    Picture from Mid-Ohio 1973
    Glen, thanks so much for posting this photo. I've been looking for a vintage '72 ST with the same race number as my "tribute" '72 ST for a long time. And to think it was later painted white like my car! Great thread!
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    Randy Wells
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    Any tDf info?


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    Letter of interest regarding credentials of 911.230.0013
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    Early 911S Registry
    Looking for engine 960 168
    Looking for gear box 103 165

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    911 230 0013

    Quote Originally Posted by Flunder View Post
    Letter of interest regarding credentials of 911.230.0013
    Said to be prototype of 911 ST, I don't think it had flares
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    Glenn Stazak

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    1971 east african rally 911 #9111300683

    1971,built ,prepared by factory fot works driver Zasada/ Bien for east african safari ;finished 5th overall;reg#S-AA 4427;RACE #19
    1972 BACK TO FACTORY;sports dept to be prepared for '72 african rally
    1972 private entry by Zasada/Bien crewed by J. Barth;race #12 2nd overall;after sold by Zasada to Barth
    autumn 1973 sold by Barth to Buffum
    1975,76 NARA championship with Buffum

    1975 Buffum runs the cannon ball(on cover of car and driver 8/75
    1976 sold by Buffum to Bob Hourihan,Mi. fot ice racing

    In a letter from Jurgen Barth;he states" I do believe this to be one of the most historically porsche vehicles built in the 70's
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    John Buffum's ST

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