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Thread: 71S found in driveway, heavily optioned. They are still out there!!!

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    Hey Guys !! Sorry for the delay in updating the progress on the 1971S !! Been working on the rockers and about to replace the drivers side. More rust than espected, esp. just under the door jam . There is a bulge like piece of metal that is rusted on both sides. I used a donor from Jim at EASY and replaced the one on the drivers side. But, with the rocker in place, no one knows that it was done !!! But we are true devotees !!! Suspension has been removed and sent to Elephant Racing for restoration. No updates, just stock !!!! For some fab news !!!! Walt at Competition Engineering has just finished my engine !!! He says that is was one of the more challenging rebuilds that he has ever done !!!! But he is the man for such challenges !!! Also, my deep six wheels also came in from Harvey !!! So progress !!! Enjoy the pics !!!! George
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    Everyone is excited to find no rust in the floors. Actually that may be the last place in the car to rust. Rust is always like the iceberg - you can only see 10% of it. The Italians invented rust and the Germans perfected it.

    Richard Newton

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    Looks/reads like you've got your project well under control there, George

    The rocker business doesn't look too-too bad. What/who's panels are you using? Curious about your choices + thought-process, here. And any other surprises? Looks like a good/straight car, otherwise . . . the trunk + rear compartments look really nice --- I'd be pleased. How 're the doors?

    Keep those pictures coming . . . + thanks for posting your progress!

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    Thanks !! I am using panels from Restoration Design. We will hang the doors with final fitting. We will por 15 or other treatment before welding the outers in place. The rear parcel shelf is out and again using RD parts. Doors are looking fairly good with just two minor spots that will be addressed. Car was never hit so no BIG issues in that respect. Gauges were restored by palo alto speedo and i have lakewell dash and basically entire interior from them. I bought all that early last year thinking that this restoration would only be a year !!!! Boy, was I wrong !! I appreciate this forum and all the great info/advice it contains !! GBK

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    Latest update on this project. The rockers on now on both sides !! The inners where OK and treated before the outers where welded in place. The pieces had to worked and reworked to fit nicely. Welds to be ground later today. The 100L factory gas tank is finally with top coat after being reburbed internally. We will paint the exposed bottom the same silver metallic, of course. Suspension is to arrive in 2 weeks from Elephant Racing. Next, to work on the wheel wells and then the fenders, again repros from Restoration Design. We felt that theirs would ultimately save time over trying to salvage the originals. Thanks for reading this thread !!! Enjoy the pics !!! GBK DSC_3743.jpg

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