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Thread: The Registry Traveler's Network

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    Lightbulb The Registry Traveler's Network

    Did some think'n on this and this is what we've come up so far......

    This will be an Early 911S Registry deal... in that you must be a paid member of the club to participate.

    Not only will this hopefully grow the club, but, we felt it inappropriate for the club to help collect and organize personal contact info for members of this board in the same way paid members of the club give us implied approval of agreed info released for the club's yearly roster.

    In fact my first thought was to use the yearly membership roster as the tool for this new Network...... but the idea of scrolling or thumbing through 75 pages of members seemed a bit foolish, especially when your on the road.


    We will create a new tool with your help....
    It will take a while to collect and organize the info, but lets start here.

    - If you are a paid member of the Early 911S Registry and would like to participate as a contact for our new Traveler's Network, please send an email to Fred Trueman (headed with Traveler's Network in the subject line) with your name, membership number, and the info (State, address, phone number, email address, etc.) you'd like to have appear.

    - For those that don't frequent the message board, John Dilger will state the same request in the next issue of ESSES.

    - With your help Fred will eventually organize this info into a simple, logical, user friendly travel tool ..... State by state, right coast to left, up and down, regions, US/foreign maps.... we don't know yet......

    If you have data base experience collating info into a tool like we're thinking of PLEASE get in touch with Fred as well......... your ideas might be better then ours......

    This is the first step..... send in your info to Fred and let's get it go'n guys......

    Chuck Miller
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    Great move.

    "Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Seuss

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    Great idea, I knew this would start after seeing that the 356 group has one. I will be sending Frank my info and I have some ideas on the database to share as well.
    Olin - Member #1375
    1972 911T

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    -A/C (M559) -Rear Fog Lt (M571) -Rear Wiper (9290) -Wheel Trim (M426) -Footrest (9563)

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    Great idea Chuck! Done.
    Scott H.
    1969 Coupe LtWt - 2.2S motor
    914-6 GT - 3.2L

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    This will be liked by everyone. I am happy to call the 356 Registry guys to find out what their process and information included. PM me if you need assistance.

    Early 911 S Registry member 473
    RGruppe member 445

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    Done, good idea. Keep it on the paid member benefit side.
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    We have put a few back on the road already. Would be nice to have a list.

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    Information sent- great idea!
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    Great idea, I'll keep a dedicated six-pack in the garage refrigerator for any weary or needy 911 friend who calls. Subscribed!

    Nick Psyllos
    S Reg & R Gruppe
    1973 Euro 911S
    1972 911T to ST

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    Think the DDKers have something set up too for United Kingdom. Could be worth asking them how they have their network set up as well.

    You could include an international list further along the line...we'd be happy to participate; love welcoming & entertaining Porsche travellers (can't really help with breakdowns etc from way down here unless you guys bring your cars with you ).
    Lisa Gregory
    Early 911S Registry #726

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