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Thread: Show me pics of your commute or cars at work...please

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    Show me pics of your commute or cars at work...please

    Monday: difficult to get up an hour early today so thought a nice drive to work would help me wake up. There was a time when it was my daily driver...good ol' days.

    iPhone pic with Camera Bag app and Colorcross effect:
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    Taken about three years ago when all of the parts were still together; Right before I figured out how to lower the rear...

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    Pelican Wayne commuting in his 959
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    Here is my daily baby. 09 VW Scirroco One with S before paint and one after paint. The other was taken in Hout Bay South Africa over December.
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    Tuesday: This caught my eye as I was leaving work today. The UPS color scheme would make for a nice tri-tone paint scheme when I thought it was med grey, warm yellow and dark grey from across the parking lot. Upon close inspection the dark grey was UPS brown covered in road grime but would make for a neat car.
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    Keeping the faith alive in an All-American Porsche Support Vehicle.

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    I save the F 250 power stroke for towing, prefer to drive the 911.
    Here's the stock 911 I drive daily.
    Trusty TL was my work car for 8 years, couple years ago it became my retirement car.
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    Here is my ride. Pretty snazy, eh? Starting the 911 for a 7 minute drive when it's cold just doesn't seem like a good idea when I can ride this beauty for free.
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    Make way! I'm 'comin through!
    Get in sit down shut up and hang on!

    (You don't HAVE to shut up, but we won't be able to hear ANYTHING you say).
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    Mark - I see an L lens attached to that camera!

    Wednesday: Woke up late so didn't get to take the long way to work. Car didn't even reach operating temp. On the way home, filled up next to a nice '83. Chatted with the owner a bit. Nice guy who bought the car from a relative.
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