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Thread: 90s R Gruppe 911

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    90s R Gruppe 911

    When I want to cruise across the desert in AZ in the warm months, long hoods without sufficient AC just don't work for me. So I decided that the next best thing to an R Gruppe Long Hood car may be the 964s, which are a real bargain in the market right now. I bought this last summer, (90 C2, 70k mi, tan interior), and have transformed it into an R Gruppe light weight look with Recaro SRDs, RS interior, aero mirrors, and H&R lowering springs/shocks, Cup Car wheels (8+9.5x17).

    This is a great car to drive...and I love the G50 tranny, good sound system, and with a primary bypass pipe, it sounds and snarls (approx. 260 hp) like a real porsche should. I recommend this kind of car as your longhood backup. It is still an air cooled 911, same profile, windows/doors, hand built (at great expense in the early 90s before Japanese robots took over).

    Here are the before and after shots.

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    You're correct, the 964's are terrific cars and a great deal at that. I have a 92 Carrera Cup, nominally same car as 964 RS, no A/C but a terrific car.
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    Beautiful car BTW.
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    I like your thinking Gib. I'd love to do something similar (but go 964C4 to tame the snow up here).

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    The 964 is currently THE BEST buy in the Porsche world. Fantastic condition cars can be had in the mid to high teens with pristine examples trading in the low 20s. Compare that to a similarly priced early 911 and you can clearly see the value.

    And, with practically zero headache a 993 6-speed tranny is a bolt-in. That extra cog really wakes up the 3.6L at no expense to drivability. The aftermarket suspension support for those cars is fantastic, and little to no modification to the motor is necessary to have a really good time with what is, essentially, the most underrated of the 911 series.

    I've been singing the praises of the 964 cars for about two or three years now, and I've been planning my own 964 hotrod project for at least the last year. I was a bit early when looking to buy (should have waited another 6 months) and ended up with a 914/6 project instead. Hindsight being 20/20 I think the 964 would have been the wiser choice at this point for no other reason than immediate usability. The time will come...

    Gib, you've got the right idea for sure. You've got a great car on your hands, for sure ... but you probably already know that.
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    Welcome to the best kept secret in P Car land.
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    BTW they are great for wives and daughters and keep them at the track but OUT of your longhood-here with PCA instructor trying to catch dad in the 1973.
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    This is, sort of, my wife's car (sort of mine ) . Ostensibly it was bought for her to use. She returned the other evening and said, "i love that car - makes me want to take the long way home"
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    The 964 is no secret because they represent a good value and that is always attractive.
    I like the wide body '94 cars but the AWD system is entirely too complicated. (buy a warranty if you can get one)
    That leaves the 993 versions in C4 or the 97-98 Carrera S (which imho are highly inflated).

    I still like the SC and the '84-'89 Carreras. Bullet proof designs. (especially the SC)

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    I wouldn't want to diminish the value or appeal of SCs and 80s Carreras, nor the mid 70s short hood Carreras (I own a 76 Carrera 3.0). We know they are great and fun cars to own and drive. It is interesting to experience the difference in 'feel' between a 76 C3 and a late 80s Carrera. The mid 70s cars feel more like long hoods, and the late 80s Carreras feel more refined.

    But drive a 964 after an 86 Carrera or even an 89 Carrera, and there is a significant difference in the grunt of the engine, the refinement of the tranny, and things like AC, sound systems, etc., that we secretly like to enjoy on road trips. The clean simple lines of the 964 bumpers fastened to the classic 911 shape over time has become more attractive to me. I picked up a C4 at the factory in 89, but sold it a year later to get more into long hoods (met up with Cris Huergas, went to EASY....).

    Today after 20 years, these cars are still very much a 911, are bullet proof in build quality (best gaps and paint of all hand built 911s), and very reasonable to own and enjoy. You can strip significant weight out of them if desired to get them down to less than an SC or Carrera, and the engines easily can get to 270 hp with after-market exhaust systems....and then they become much like the serious enthusiast models like the 92 RS...for a whole lot less $. And as Marco pointed out, there are so many 'upgrades' available to make these cars even more potent....

    They make a very nice complimentary stable mate for our beloved long hoods, without giving in to the gold chained crowd.

    Gib Bosworth
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