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Thread: Join this club...

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    As someone who only registered a few weeks ago, I was pleased with the information on the board, and would have joined soon thereafter, but I'm very lazy when it comes to printing out a form, entering information, finding a stamp, and then mailing it. The money wasn't as big of an issue as finding a stamp . So if you would include an online way of joining, it might encourage others to join. (I sent in my application today)

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    So if you would include an online way of joining, it might encourage others to join. (I sent in my application today)
    Easier done then said.........

    Hope this helps..........

    Chuck Miller
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    I (and quite a few others including you Chuck ) are members on the Australian Typ901 Forum which has grown to be an excellent resource for us Antipodeans. It is a paid members only board with restrictions on viewing photos. This seems to be enough to encourage the $50 per year entry ticket... Remember the Aussie site is a small 200-250 odd member board, but it seems to self sustain nicely - have a talk to Clyde for the exact stats.

    My point is that I think you'd be no worse off closing down non-member picture viewing (and PM abilities etc...). Some free loaders will hiss and spit and maybe disappear, but anyone who realises the true worth of this board will coin up pretty quickly
    John Forcier
    EarlyS #1987
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    1969 S/T interpretation "Blau Healer"
    Restoration Saga

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    Joined and paid.

    The magazine exceeded my expectations.

    Good work all!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck Miller View Post
    However, until then, I suppose the only tool we have to rely on is our non-paid message board user’s sense of fairness…
    Chuck, why is there such resistance to making a members only area or other members privileges (photo viewing, posting in classifieds, PMs)?

    This suggestion comes up every time we're asked how the site could be improved for members and it's never been addressed.

    The technical difficulties in reconciling the paid membership with the online registrations seem manageable, I for one volunteer to help if this
    is what is preventing us from having an elevated privilege level for club members.

    67S in pieces
    EarlyS: 1358

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    I was the first person to respond to this thread and erring on the side of caution, I kept my opinion to myself. There are you FOUR doing an absolutely stellar job, then 2,216 active members with a total of 10,865 members. I am assuming "active members" means dues paying of which I have paid for 3 years now.

    I totally agree with Andy as why is there such resistance to having a tiered level membership? Further, Luke-44 mentioned how the PCA offers temporary subscriptions. Well, why not? Pay to play.

    You could restrict photos, only reading the 1st page of a thread, no ability to post questions or ask for selling advice and so on. Paid members should have their own big sandbox and you can't get there without paying.

    I would be willing to bet a case of Brad Penn that the usual suspects on most of the leading threads are paid members. If I understand the statistics correctly, that means about 8,500 people are unpaid and not financially supporting the club. In my opinion, if nothing is changed, then next year and the year will be seeing pretty close to the same levels of paid vs. unpaid.

    It's not a money issue with me. Shoot I'm lucky enough to own a Porsche and I have the $40. I just don't think it's right or fair for 20% of us to support the club and the other 80% glean the benefits of this fine website.

    That's my 2 pfennigs worth.


    1972 911T Targa
    1993 964 RSA #14
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    Thanks for the offer.... will be sending it on to John D.


    We wish 2216 'active member' stat was how many paid members we have... No, that stat has to do with those registered message board users that most frequently post..... Our paid membership is a little over half that.
    Chuck Miller
    Creative Advisor/Message Board Moderator - Early 911S Registry #109
    R Gruppe #88

    TYP901 #62
    '73S cpe #1099 - Matched # 2.7/9.5 RS spec rebuild
    '67 Malibu 327 spt cpe - Period 350 Rebuild

    ’98 Chevy S-10 – Utility
    ’04 GTI – Commuter

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    I guess those 90% are the no tax paying 47% that Romney talks about. So the 10% of us support the other 90% financially. Where have I heard that before ? I don't really have a problem with that, but I for one am happy to pay taxes to this fine establishment. I've learned so much and hope to be able to share more in a decade or so when I become a full patch member. I'd "encourage" some of the 90 percenters to pay up as well, perhaps with limited picture viewing, no classifieds priveledges etc. Thats how most boards I belong to work. A quality product warrants a premium price.

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    I have been in the Porsche arena for a very long time and one certainty, there is always something new and valuable to learn from others. It is not necessarily the professionals, but the individuals that own one car and have a burning passion about their cars that is a joy. I am always amazed in the early 911 and 356 circles the amount of good information that comes from that route.

    If folks don't realize that a nominal subscription is well worth the price, they will once their access is limited.
    Roy Smalley
    member 877

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