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Thread: 911S/911L Cars for Sale

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    FS: @CarpacUSA - '68 911S Coupe - 11801121

    Saw this car at Carparc's open house during the LA Lit Show weekend. It's stunning.
    CarparcUSA LLC, Costa Mesa CA
    1968 Porsche 2.0L 911S Coupe
    VIN: 11801121
    Engine: -
    Trans: -
    Color: Tangerine/Black Leatherette
    Mileage: 98,124 (indicated)
    Price: US$289,000 (asking)

    Name:  68S 1.jpg
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    Dealer Description:

    We have recently completed a full Concours restoration and are now offering for sale a 1968 Porsche 911S finished in Tangerine with black leatherette interior. The car is matching numbers with VIN # 118.0.1121 and a complete restoration was performed by us in our facility in Costa Mesa. This car is very nicely optioned with Webasto Heater, S-Trim, fog lights and the extremely rare Map Light. Due to stricter emissions testing, Porsche did not import the 68í 911S into the United States for fear that it would fail, for this reason 68 911S models that were eventually imported to the United States are extremely coveted and rare to see. This was also the last year of the SWB 911ís with Porsche increasing the wheelbase in 1969.

    The first owner of the car, was a doctor who lived in La Jolla, California at the time and apparently had either family or friend connections to the Porsche family. He owned the car for 3 short years before selling it to the current owner Jim Hennessey. Jim first became aware of the car in 1971, through the doctors son, whom he was friends with. The doctor always kept the car in the garage at his house and rarely drove it. One day, in 1971, Jim had the opportunity to drive the car, which had only accumulated 7,000 miles over 3 years. He was so enthralled by the experience he sold his Corvette and convinced the doctor to sell him the Porsche. He has been the sole owner ever since. Jim enjoyed the car for years until putting it in storage with the idea to restore it one day. In 2015, we pulled the car out of Jimís storage unit in Irvine, California where it had sat for 40 years. The car is matching numbers, very original and was in great condition. After recovering from storage, we started a complete restoration which took nearly 2 years to complete.

    We have hundreds of photos detailing the restoration during various stages. Everything we do is photographed and uploaded to a flash drive which will be included with the sale of the vehicle. All invoices detailing the costs of the restoration will also be included. This is an extremely well documented car. We log hundreds of hours during our Concours restoration making sure every detail is correct.

    This matching numbers car comes with a great history, original Kardex, owners manual, tool kit and jack. (Jim opted to install a period Prototipo steering wheel but an original will be included with purchase). Well documented cars are harder and harder to come by these days and lucky for you, this car hadn't moved for 40 years. The ďoriginalĒ owner Jim had no intention of selling the car after the restoration was complete but due to unforeseen personal circumstances we are now offering it for sale.
    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
    PCA #1987109761
    Early 911S Registry #548

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    Netherlands, Leiden
    9110310364 For sale, no affiliation.

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    Comes with original tassel keychain
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    Karl_O'Donoghue RG: 421 E911SR: 792 GS: 5

    '72T Coupe - Sepia Brown #415 Options:M400/404/449/470/568

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    Fs: @cpr - 1967 911s swt - 500238s

    Appears to be a real gem . . .
    California Porsche Restoration, Fallbrook, CA
    1967 Porsche 2.0L 911S Soft-Window Targa, Stock #2482
    VIN: 500238 / 500238S
    Engine: -
    Trans: -
    Color: Light Ivory/Black Leatherette
    Mileage: 86,518 km (indicated)
    Price: Not Listed

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    Dealer Description:

    CPR Classic is thrilled to introduce one of the most beautiful, blue-chip, show-quality restorations that CPR has ever produced. This 1967 Porsche 911S soft-window targa is a fully restored, rotisserie restoration that was completed here at CPR Classic several years ago.

    The car is a completely numbers matching example finished in its correct color combination of light ivory over a black leather interior. The car underwent a comprehensive every-nut-and-bolt restoration to the highest standards with CPR and has been in a noteworthy collection for the last several years since completion. The car was driven extremely sparingly during this time and was regularly started, warmed up and kept detailed in the collector's climate-controlled facility.

    Upon returning to CPR, the car arrived in essentially as-delivered condition with no flaws or damage of any kind. We thoroughly inspected the car addressing a few minor items as well as performing a complete service and detail.

    The most collectible, valuable, and sought after short-wheelbase 911s are the Soft window 911S targas of 1967. This example is one of a believed 360 911S soft window targa units produced in 1967 by Porsche, of which only a handful remain. Soft window targas are exceedingly rare compared to the production numbers of coupes and thus have become the most desirable short wheelbase 911 in the current market today.

    If you are looking for a Pebble Beach quality Porsche that stands an excellent chance of winning any show event it's entered in; this is a must-see example.
    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
    PCA #1987109761
    Early 911S Registry #548

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    FS: @Neimann Exclusive - 1967 2.0L 911S Coupe

    Neimann Exclusive Cars, Bad KŲstritz, Germany
    1967 Porsche 2.0L 911S Coupe
    VIN: -
    Engine: -
    Trans: -
    Color: Slate Gray/Red
    Mileage: -
    Price: US$220,000

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    Dealer Description:

    US Car with title on hand. Car is located in Germany. Build 10/66. Fully restored with 130K in parts and labour. Matching numbers and colour Slate Gray. More pictures on request. Easy import to the USA.
    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
    PCA #1987109761
    Early 911S Registry #548

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    FS: @PCA Classifieds - 1970 2.2L 911S Coupe

    PCA Website Classifieds
    1970 Porsche 2.2L 911S Coupe, Ad #39981
    VIN: -
    Engine: -
    Trans: -
    Color: Black (originally Bahia Red)/Black
    Mileage: 118,525
    Price: US$149,900

    Name:  70S 1.jpg
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    Name:  70S 3.jpg
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    Name:  70S 4.jpg
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    Seller's Description:

    Gorgeous SUNROOF car. Engine and transmission refreshed a few hundred miles ago. Have perfect leak-down/compression results. Paint meter reading indicates work one area (behind passenger door). Paint is excellent, but not original (Bahia Red). Priced at a level that would allow re-paint and still be better priced than comparable cars currently available.
    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
    PCA #1987109761
    Early 911S Registry #548

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    FS: @Carriage House Motor Cars - '73S Coupe - Viper Green

    A coast-to-coast-to-coast 911S. Previously part of the Frank Gallogly collection and then last year seen for sale at John Willhoit's showroom for US$270,000 and then at CarpacUSA for US$219,500. It seems to be a real beauty.
    Carriage House Motor Cars, Greenwich, CT
    1973 Porsche 911S Coupe
    VIN: 9113300741
    Engine: 6331158
    Trans: -
    Color: Emerald (Viper) Green/Black Leather
    Mileage: 63,749 (indicated)
    Price: "Call for Price"

    Name:  73S Viper Green 1.jpg
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    Name:  73S Viper Green 2.jpg
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    Name:  73S Viper Green 3.jpg
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    Name:  73S Viper Green 4.jpg
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    Name:  73S Viper Green 5.jpg
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    Dealer Description:

    - Factory Color Combination
    - Highly Original
    - Rare 73 Only RS Sport Seats

    Now available at Carriage House Motor Cars is this stunning 1973 Porsche 911S finished in Kelly Green with Black Leather Interior. The 1973 Porsche 911S is one of the most desirable early long hood 911s ever produced. The reason behind its desirability lies with its distinctive 2.4L MFI 6 cylinder engine which delivers outstanding power and reliability that cant be beat. This example is highly original with the 63,749 miles on the odometer. It has seen a recent repaint in its original rare color of Kelly Green. It has its original numbers matching engine and drivetrain and has been recently serviced. The condition of this example is outstanding and could easily be the best 911S in existence.
    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
    PCA #1987109761
    Early 911S Registry #548

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    Early 911S Registry # 237 NeunElf's Avatar
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    San Dimas, CA
    Modified 1969 Porsche 911S Coupe at Bring a Trailer

    Name:  1969_porsche_911s__st_tribute_15657187347dff9f98764daDSC_0686-e1567213044662-940x626.jpg
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    BaT Essentials
    • Lot #22997
    • Seller: Perfpow
    • Location: Deerfield, Illinois 60015
    • Chassis: 119301082
    • 55k Miles Shown
    • Original 2.0L Injected Flat-Six
    • Original 5-Speed Manual Transaxle
    • Polo Red over Black/Houndstooth
    • Steel Fender Flares
    • 15x8" and 10" Braid Wheels
    • Michelin TB15 Tires
    • New Sport Seats
    • Roll Bar
    • 380mm RS Steering Wheel
    • Engine Reseal 2018/2019
    • New Fuel Pump
    • Porsche Build Document
    • Service Records
    • Private Party or Dealer: Private Party
    • Model Page: Porsche Longhood 911; Category: German

    This 1969 Porsche 911S coupe was purchased new in Indianapolis, Indiana and modified a few years later by the original owner with fender flares, a roll bar, and a few other items. The car was then sold in 1980 and sat idle until a mechanical refurbishment was carried out in the late 1990s. A few thousand miles have been added over the last two decades, and a repaint in Polo Red was performed a few years ago. Power is provided by a numbers-matching 2.0L flat-six, which is paired with the original five-speed manual transaxle. The car was acquired about 10 months ago by the seller, who is the proprietor of a Porsche repair facility and had an engine-out service performed over the winter of 2018/2019 as outlined below. Fiberglass ST-style bumpers were also installed by the sellerís shop along with 15″ Braid wheels, sport seats with houndstooth inserts, a 380mm Classico steering wheel, and a 917-style wooden shift knob. This LWB 911S is now offered with service records, a Porsche build sheet, and a clean Illinois title in the sellerís name.

    Name:  1.jpg
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    1,492 US-market 911S coupes were produced for the 1969 model year, and this non-sunroof example was reportedly fitted with steel ST fender flares in 1974 by the original owner. The car was repainted in its factory Polo Red (6802) in 2016, and in 2018 the seller added color-matched ST-style fiberglass bumpers from EB Motorsport, as well as blacked-out horn grilles. European-style headlight rings have also been added, and paint chips are highlighted in the gallery below.

    Name:  2.jpg
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    15″ Braid wheels feature an RSR-style finish and measure 8″ in width up front and 10″ out back. 215/55 and 270/45 Michelin TB15 tires display 2017 and 2018 date codes respectively. Cross-drilled brake rotors have been added all around, and a new master cylinder was installed earlier this year by the sellerís shop. The car also features a remote oil cooler mounted in the front fender well.

    Name:  3.jpg
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    The sellerís shop installed LeMans T85 sports seats from Classic Touring, as well as a 917-style wooden shift knob from TRE Motorsports. The leather-covered roll bar and rear luggage straps were reportedly added by the original owner, and the car is also equipped with Deist harnesses.

    Name:  4.jpg
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    A leather-wrapped 380mm steering wheel from Classico fronts a set of silver-dot VDO gauges. 55k miles are shown on the 5-digit odometer, approximately 100 of which have been added by the seller.

    Name:  5.jpg
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    A strut tower brace is mounted up front, and both batteries and ground straps were replaced by the seller earlier this year.

    Name:  6.jpg
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    The 2.0L flat-six was equipped with Bosch mechanical fuel injection from the factory in S trim. Power is sent to the rear wheels via a 901 five-speed manual transaxle. In the winter of 2018/2019, the sellerís shop, Perfect Power Inc. of Buffalo Grove, Illinois, performed an engine-out reseal and also replaced a number of oil lines, the fuel pump, valve cover gaskets, fuel filters, and more as detailed on the included invoices.

    Name:  7.png
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    Stamping *6391514* is shown above and matches the number listed on documentation from Porsche, indicating engine originality. Transaxle stamping 7196200 can be seen in the gallery and also matches the supporting documentation.

    Name:  8.jpg
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    Additional underside photos are included in the gallery, showing the lower valve covers, heat exchangers, front pan, and oil cooler.

    [picture of Kardex]

    A Porsche build document lists the factory powertrain numbers, colors, and options. A video presentation provided by the seller can be seen below.

    Ends On Wednesday, September 18 at 11:55am
    Attached Images Attached Images  
    Jim Alton
    San Dimas, CA
    Early 911S Registry # 237

    1966 VW 21 Window Bus
    1965 Porsche 911 coupe
    1958 Porsche 356A cabriolet

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    Any body know anything about this 1971 911S for sale in Arizona, the dealer states he wants north of $250,000?

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    Quote Originally Posted by savagejayj View Post
    Any body know anything about this 1971 911S for sale in Arizona, the dealer states he wants north of $250,000?

    Hubbard Auto Center, Scottsdale, AZ
    1971 Porsche 2.2L 911S Coupe
    VIN: 9111300490
    Engine: 6310827
    Trans: 7114776
    Color: Silver Metallic/Black Leatherette
    Mileage: 68,343 (indicated)
    Price: US$289,000
    Doug Dill

    1973 911E Coupe
    PCA #1987109761
    Early 911S Registry #548

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