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Thread: Late 80s IMSA GTO and Trans Am racing.

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    And there is a lot more track out area in T9 than your eye lets you think. Takes balls to go really fast through there. And I forgot about T1... IIRC, apex at the crest of the blind hill near the pit out area, let the car settle, and brake hard angling towards the turn in point for T2. Great passing spot. T5 is also faster than your eyes let you think due to its being on camber. Love that corner.

    Took an advanced Skippy Skool there many years ago too. Learned a lot about the track from those guys.
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    The IMSA GTO historic racing group has been invited to the the Long Beach grand prix this year.
    Here is the 2019 event promotion video.

    Fortunate to have our entry accepted and have since been practicing on my home driving simulator with the Iracing Long Beach track.
    The track is described as a Concrete tunnel (no doubt), man this is a tight track!
    We race Friday and Saturday, when not on track the Historic IMSA GTO cars will be located in the Lifestyle Expo building.

    We geared it for 160 mph on the long front straight.
    Plan is survival first, it will be our first and last weekend on the Long Beach track.
    All we want to do is finish every session and have fun!

    Included a photo of Jerry in his white #10 Camaro airborne during his 1989 LBGP start.
    I remember in 1989 seeing this photo in Hot Rod magazine and thinking I like my cars too much to put them at risk by racing.
    Now it's our turn to race it at Long Beach.

    In the past the early TA group and the Can Am group were featured.

    1988 SCCA Trans Am at LBGP.
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    WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca in 2019 is hosting a few IMSA Historic race weekends.
    It's an exciting year to be involved with historic IMSA race cars.

    Just 2 weeks after LBGP is the Trans Am SpeedFest featuring a West Coast TA race.
    Also included early Trans Am and LBGP Historic IMSA race cars, enjoying another sound free race weekend at Laguna Seca.

    This summer Pre reunion and Reunion feature IMSA race cars including a big GTO/GTU race group.
    Featured Marque: IMSA (International Motor Sports Association) celebrates its 50th anniversary of premier sports car racing.

    Life is better at the track.
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    Thumbs up Imsa ....


    I think you'll like this.....

    I went to the Tribute to IMSA at the Peterson a couple of weeks ago...

    GREAT panel of IMSA heroes up there reminiscing, and it was M.C'd by my buddy and ex-IMSA driver Jeff Klein...

    Up on the panel was George Dryer, and in the audience was Brad Frisselle with Brad's restored Badass GTU 240Z on display in the hall...

    Afterwards I went up to Brad and George telling them the last time I saw them both together was at Riverside in 1975 beating up on each other... They said 'You got that right' .

    - Brad's car on display
    - George's car in the day... Looks a lot like a friend of mine's car
    - Klein making ever one laugh
    - IMSA Panel w/ George last on the right (also Busby/Morton/Knoop)

    - Brad's car on display
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    Chuck that event was on my radar but stuff got in the way.
    TRE Dave put George Dyer in touch with me recently.
    George mentioned the panel and invited me, but I let unimportant stuff get in the way.
    George and I traded emails, he offered to help make my tribute RSR more accurate.
    (Thrilled to meet the hero driver of my Tribute, and finding out he is a really nice guy)
    We also share San Diego and aviation connections and a love for pets.

    Geroge told me how he found his RSR.
    Back in the 70s George called a phone number on a classified for an RSR for sale.
    George said he was surprised when Peter Gregg answered the phone.
    Working out of his one car garage he did the yellow graphics in the street in front of his small house.
    Nuns from a near by church would visit often, George believes they may have blessed the car as it was so successful.
    More of it on my R Gruppe forum members thread.

    Today the car is in Sweden, but they ran it at Daytona before it left the country.

    George and his dog Dizzy, a Collie with a memory better than mine.
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