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Thread: Porsche Nr. 300088

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    Porsche Nr. 300088

    Hi All,
    I just joined and am searching for information on my Porsche which I may restore or sell. It's registered as a 1966 Porsche 911 and has chassis Nr. 300088, I believe it has the original trans and engine, but I don't know where I can verify this. Any help and advice would be appreciated. I read an earlier post that 89 model 901's were built before Porsche had to change it to 911.

    Best Regards,


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    Welcome, or maybe it's Aloha!

    Firstly, contact your local Porsche Concessionaire armed with your VIN and Engine no and they will provide a Certificate of the car's original attributes.

    Secondly you'll need to add some photos here before you raise all merry hell with your tantalising subject and no visual salad to oogle.

    Thirdly, prepare for an onslaught of PM's looking to alleviate you of this scourge, 901 #088.

    A production of 232 is the generally agreed No for '64 901's. There was a great '64 901 site that I see is down, there was a wealth of info there. Has this been reprised anyone?

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    Welcome! What is your engine number? It should be pretty close to 900188. May not be exact but if you have one of the first 100 odd engines you can be pretty sure it's correct and in any case Porsche can confirm.

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    Any photos?

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    It was the third one completed 1964 11 16, which places it date-wise as a 911 not a 901.
    I guess you need to join the 232 Registry for the 1964 constructed cars. Bob Fleming is the guy to contact; I'm sure he will be along very soon.
    What is the original paint code and interior color of this car? I have other eng & trans info, but no color info.
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    Very cool, Larry. Message sent.

    Yes, please post photos.
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    Thanks for all of your very helpful replies. I'll be verifying the serial numbers, and may be able to post some pictures this weekend.



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    Thanks for the Welcome and info. I'll be checking the numbers and hopefully they match. I'll see if I can post some pictures this weekend.


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    Welcome to the Board and yes, please post some photos for all of us here who are hungry to see them!
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    Bring it back from the dead and THEN sell it.

    Really, though, the vast majority of people here (myself included) would rather see you keep it. Welcome to the board and hurry up with the pictures...please.
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